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Sky West logo underwent a significant transformation, shifting from a two-tone design to an entirely blue color scheme. The shade of blue employed is reminiscent of the deep sky and evokes feelings of limitless space, freedom, and consistency. The emblem primarily features the inscription “SkyWest,” where the designers have eliminated the space between the two words and partially overlaid the “y” on the “W.” The bold, italicized letters have unique angular cuts and indentations. Tucked away in the bottom right corner is the almost inconspicuous word “AIRLINES,” typed in a thin serif font with a slight tilt.

Using a single color, particularly deep blue, is a strong statement. This hue mirrors the sky and speaks to the emotional resonances of trust, loyalty, and wisdom. Any airline would want to align itself with these attributes, conveying that passengers are in reliable hands.

The composite of “Sky” and “West” into a single word, “SkyWest,” subtly encapsulates the union of various elements: sky symbolizing limitless possibilities and ‘West’ perhaps indicating direction, adventure, or even the frontier spirit. This fusion is further emphasized by the overlay of “y” on “W,” making the brand name not just a label but an emblem in its own right.

Typography plays an essential role in the logo’s effectiveness. The bold italicized font in which “SkyWest” is inscribed commands attention. The angular cuts and indentations give the letters an aerodynamic feel, subtly reflecting the speed and precision involved in aviation. Sky West has invested thought in how the minutiae of design can convey so much without saying a word.

The subtle placement of the word “AIRLINES” in the bottom right corner serves multiple purposes. Its small size and thin font may seem like an afterthought, but they are strategic, balancing out the brand name’s boldness and maintaining the logo’s overall equilibrium.

Contrast is another aspect worth noting. The slight tilt in the serif font of “AIRLINES” adds a touch of flair, making the entire design feel cohesive yet dynamic. This touch ensures that secondary elements contribute to the logo’s narrative while the main focus remains on the brand name.

The logo narrates a story of endless possibilities, innovation, and reliability. It is a testament to the company’s commitment to blending tradition with forward-thinking design, capturing the brand’s essence in a striking yet elegant way.

SkyWest: Brand overview

Founded: April 26, 1972
Founder: SkyWest, Inc.
St. George, Utah, United States

SkyWest Airlines, an esteemed regional carrier in the United States, first took to the skies in 1972. Initially operating under the SkyWest Airlines moniker, it was founded in St. George, Utah, on April 26, 1972. The airline set out with a humble fleet of turboprop aircraft, offering flights within Utah.

As time went on, SkyWest broadened its reach to envelop destinations throughout the western United States. Throughout the 80s and 90s, the airline underwent a significant transition, employing larger regional jet aircraft to operate codeshare flights on behalf of major US airlines.

SkyWest’s partnerships with heavyweight carriers such as Delta, United, Alaska, and American allowed it to provide a wealth of regional flights nationwide, funneling passengers into the major airlines’ hubs. The 2000s and 2010s marked a period of significant growth for SkyWest as it took over other regional carriers, including Atlantic Southeast Airlines, solidifying its status as one of the country’s largest regional airlines.

SkyWest maintains a broad domestic and regional network, servicing over 250 destinations across North America. Its diverse fleet, boasting over 450 regional aircraft, cements its role as a crucial regional feeder for several top-tier airlines.

After half a century in operation, SkyWest is one of the United States’ most successful and enduring regional carriers.

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