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The Smartwings logo is full of creativity, like an artist’s stroke. The emblem represents a fast-growing airline continually improving and seeking to make passenger journeys more exciting.

Smartwings: Brand overview

Since its inception, Smartwings, a.s. (formerly Travel Service, a.s.) has made its mark in the aviation industry. Operating as a low-cost leisure airline, Smartwings has established its headquarters at Prague Václav Havel Airport and strengthened its position as the largest airline in the Czech Republic. With scheduled and charter flights to tourist destinations and aircraft rentals, Smartwings has expanded beyond the country’s borders, opening subsidiaries in Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia and owning a significant stake in Czech Airlines.

In March 1997, Travel Service took to the air to meet the growing demand for affordable travel by offering quality services at competitive prices.

Travel Service’s transformation into a major player in the air transportation sector in the Czech Republic was unusual. With its modern fleet of aircraft and efficient operations, Travel Service has gained a significant market share in the Czech Republic.

In 2018, Travel Service underwent a significant transformation by rebranding and transforming into Smartwings.

Smartwings continues to expand its horizons and grow its service portfolio through strategic partnerships and subsidiaries. The alliance with Czech Airlines, which has a 30% share, offers Smartwings significant opportunities by providing seamless connections to long-haul destinations as part of an expanded network.

Meaning and History

Smartwings Logo History

What is Smartwings?

Founded as Travel Service, a.s., Smartwings has since grown into the largest airline in the Czech Republic. This Czech budget airline, headquartered at Prague’s Václav Havel Airport in Ruzyně (6th district of Prague), offers a wide range of aviation services, emphasizing its flexibility and customer-oriented approach. The airline operates scheduled and charter flights, mainly to tourist destinations, using wet and dry leasing of its aircraft from other airlines.

1997 – 2018

Travel Service Logo 1997

The company logo features thoughtful and delicate symbolism representing the carrier’s strong commitment to its country and the skies.

The red and blue silhouette at the center of the emblem uses the colors of the national flag. Its contours mimic Prague, where the company’s main airport is located. The smooth curve, as if drawn with a light pen, mimics the trajectory of a liner taking off.

The element is divided into two equal parts, one placed above the other. The red part symbolizes the sky during the hot summer period and conveys relaxation and celebration. The blue part represents the sea. The company has served as a carrier for a tour operator, with its flights facilitating leisure trips to the sea.

The name Travel Service reflects this purpose. The word Travel is composed of separate stripes, giving the impression that the inscription is flying into powerful wind currents. This airiness and flight, as themes of air transport, outline the brand’s mission. The red word Service in the foreground emphasizes the top-notch service provided to passengers.

2018 – today

Smartwings Logo

Smartwings Airlines has taken an unconventional approach by refusing to use a bird or airplane emblem. Instead, their symbol is an orange zigzag line. This shape conveys the dynamism inherent in air travel. Thanks to its bright color and soft contours, the stripe resembles the reflection of sunlight on water. The designers supplemented the logo with a bold blue font to avoid excessive romanticism. The brand name is typed in lowercase letters with a noticeable slant to the right.

The decision to abandon traditional aviation symbols such as birds and airplanes reflects the desire to distinguish the brand in a crowded market. The orange zigzag line is an aesthetic choice and reflects a spirit of innovation and flexibility. Bold blue lettering serves as the foundation of the design, contrasting with the lighter and fancier orange elements and lending seriousness to the entire visual identity.