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There are many services on the Internet for viewing Instagram stories anonymously, and almost all of them can be recognized by the same emblem style. But Smihub has a different logo. The Smihub logo is simple and concise, which speaks of the desire to help users and not to splurge.

Smihub: Brand overview

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Smihub is an online service that allows any Instagram user to view other people’s stories anonymously. In addition to directly familiarizing yourself with the content, the Smihub website has a functionality that allows you to download videos and photos to your device.

Meaning and History

SmiHub Symbol

Smihub is one of the most requested services directly related to Instagram. And this is not surprising because today, almost every global network user has an Instagram account. Smihub is ideal for those who want to see other users’ content while remaining anonymous. Using this site, you can view stories, videos, and photos, and if you wish, even download them to your personal computer or phone.

One of the obvious benefits of Smihub is its convenience. The interface and navigation between sections are intuitive. A person only needs to enter the account address in a special field, after which the system will display up-to-date results.

What is Smihub?

This is an intuitive and convenient web resource using which any Instagram user can get acquainted with publicly available content published on the pages of other users. All actions are performed anonymously.

Interestingly, the logo has remained unchanged since the launch of the project. All additions were minimal and therefore were not noticed by users.

Visual recognition of the brand is at a high level, as the functionality that SmiHub offers is becoming relevant for an increasing number of users every day. The logo is based on the verbal name of the brand without additional emblems (graphic elements, emblems). Visually, the verbal inscription is similar to graffiti, where the first three letters are written in pink and the second in light green. A barely noticeable shadow makes the inscription voluminous. As a rule, the logo is located on a black background. As a result, the composition looks bright and confident, thanks to the modern bold sans-serif font.

One of the logo variations is also a verbal inscription but made in a classic sans-serif font. The black color looks monotonous but stylish. The two parts of the name are separated by capital letters “S” and “H,” while other characters are in lower case. Associations with Instagram arise due to the symbol “#,” located in front of the brand name. After all, almost all social network users use hashtags to indicate the subject of the post and its focus on a specific target audience.

Font and Colors

SmiHub Emblem

The 3D wordmark with the name of the Instagram content download service is stylish and confident. SmiHub’s target audience positively perceives this classic bold sans-serif typeface.

The pink and green wordmark on a black background looks bright and memorable. Thus, the service stands out from the background of competitors, which are enough on the market. Green is associated with life and energy, while pink is associated with passion. A more concise version with a black inscription and a hashtag looks more restrained but at the same time conveys the direction of the brand and its main tasks.

Smihub color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C