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The Smite logo looks like a closed, enclosed space. In the dark arena, the passion for victory and the brilliance of weapons is the light. Life here is a continuous battle. But each new victory is a step to the top, the emblem promises.

Smite: Brand overview

Founded: 2014
Founder: Titan Forge Games
Smite is a free-to-play third-person online multiplayer battle arena game. It belongs to the MOBA genre and is designed for several platforms, including Xbox One (2016), Nintendo Switch (2019), PlayStation 4 (2016), Microsoft Windows (2014). It is developed by Titan Forge Games and published and distributed by the American agency Hi-Rez Studios and the Chinese company Tencent Games. The video game was first released in March 2014.

Meaning and History

Smite Logo History

The game’s essence is to control mythological heroes – a god, a goddess, or other creatures. They participate in team battles using personal abilities and tactics. These characters oppose the rest of the characters – both controlled and uncontrollable. Players can choose from several modes, one-on-one (PVP) or as part of any skirmish since there are a large number of different heroes. There are also tournaments, including the Smite World Championship, an annual championship with a massive cash prize.

The matchmaking system used is our own modified one based on TrueSkill. It provides for the function of choosing characters between the EU and US servers. Moreover, the selection of characters depends on the amount of desired time and the specified mode. In general, the combat platform’s interest was so high from the very beginning that its recognition grew from year to year. If the total number of users was 3 million initially, it has now reached over 40 million.

What is Smite?

Smite is a video game in the MOBA genre, where users can take on the role of a mythological character to battle in a team arena against opponents and create their unique combat strategy. It debuted in 2014 and was initially only available on the Microsoft Windows platform. Later, versions for macOS and various consoles were introduced. The developer of Smite is Titan Forge Games, part of the American company Hi-Rez Studios.

The global expansion of the video game started immediately after the release, for which the publisher has teamed up with the online media company Tencent from China. This allowed the product to be distributed on its domestic market. A year later, Hi-Rez Studios announced a partnership with the Latin American region Level Up representative! Games. Oceanic and Southeast Asia servers were then covered, making the corporate logo very recognizable even among new fans of the game.

In parallel, the publisher introduced technology that allows gamers in five to connect to professional leagues. Those wishing to compete first online and then go offline. Each stage of the competition brings its benefits and improves playing qualities. As a result, the most successful ones get the right to participate in the Smite World Championship. The prize pool is one million dollars.

All of the above contributes to the wide and fairly rapid distribution of the video game. Moreover, its owners (they are organizers of the competition) try not to change the familiar Smite logo. The main reason is that fans worldwide know him well, so the company has only one.

Font and Colors

Smite Emblem

The original logo appeared simultaneously with the release of the game. It consists of two parts, each of which is considered basic and includes several parts. The text occupies the central place. This is a 3D product name. The inscription is voluminous, with edges protruding in the middle. The letters are sans serif and are in uppercase. All the symbols at the top have concentrated bright highlights and reflections. At the bottom, on the contrary, there are blackouts. In this case, the signs are thickened and have a triangular face, which makes them convex. The main color is golden with transitions.

The second important part of the emblem is the trapezoidal frame that forms the background on which the word “Smite” is located. The top and bottom are even; the right and left edges are decorated with zigzags, reminiscent of a lightning bolt. This is how the designers expressed the emotional intensity of the video game’s events, the strength, energy, power of the heroes, and everything that happens. The edges are painted in various shades of beige, the middle in dark gray. Such a palette speaks of the fighting spirit’s seriousness and the highest concentration on the target because there are no distracting colors.

Smite Symbol

The inscription is made in an individual font based on the Penumbra Half Serif typeface. The designers sharpened the edges for the logo, made the central part convex, and removed the serifs.

The original palette always contained gold of all shades because gods and goddesses compete in the game, and such characters need the corresponding colors in terms of status. The emblem also features dark gray (background) and beige (frame).

Smite color codes

Corn Hex color: #f8e65e
RGB: 248 230 94
CMYK: 0 7 62 3
Pantone: PMS 3935 C
Golden Ochre Hex color: #eec43c
RGB: 238 196 60
CMYK: 0 18 75 7
Pantone: PMS 129 C
Satin Sheen Gold Hex color: #c69a26
RGB: 198 154 38
CMYK: 0 22 81 22
Pantone: PMS 7556 C
Golden Brown Hex color: #8f6019
RGB: 143 96 25
CMYK: 0 33 83 44
Pantone: PMS 7559 C
Zinnwaldite Brown Hex color: #2d1b0e
RGB: 45 27 14
CMYK: 0 40 69 82
Pantone: PMS Black 4 C
Purple Navy Hex color: #49546f
RGB: 73 84 111
CMYK: 34 24 0 56
Pantone: PMS 7545 C
Squid Ink Hex color: #232933
RGB: 35 41 51
CMYK: 31 20 0 80
Pantone: PMS 433 C
Eigengrau Hex color: #12131e
RGB: 18 19 30
CMYK: 40 37 0 86
Pantone: PMS Black 6 C