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The SMU Mustangs chose the logo to match their name because these horses were very common in the region where the sports club is from. They also became the local mascot and symbolized the will to win, high speed, resilience, and endurance. And in combination with the color red, this emblem inspires confidence in achieving the desired goals.

SMU Mustangs: Brand overview

University Park, Texas, United States
SMU Mustangs is an athletic organization owned by Southern Methodist University and a member of the American Athletic Conference. It is located in Dallas, Texas, and has 17 teams. The most successful of these is the soccer team, which has won several significant victories in the NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision. The division also includes teams in basketball, rowing, equestrian, golf, and other disciplines. It originated in 1911.

Meaning and History

SMU Mustangs Logo History

The first Southern Methodist University teams were called Parsons, but that was not their official name. This nickname was chosen because theology students made up most of the university’s athletic department. Only after SMU basketball players won a state championship did university officials think of a permanent name and a mascot.

Community members came up with many ideas: Comanches, Rams, Bulls, and even Rattlers. But after careful selection, the number was reduced to three, from which they were asked to choose their favorite version. The Mustangs version was voted ahead of the Bisons and Greyhounds. This event took place in the fall of 1917.

The author of the winning mascot (and thus the name) was Dorothy Amann, secretary to Robert Stewart Hyer, head of the university. Once, watching the athletes’ training, she was surprised by their resemblance to a herd of wild mustangs that live on the Texas prairies and just as friskily run across the field. Plus, it’s a hardy, fast-footed, goal-oriented animal that’s very common in the state. The mascot has remained unchanged throughout its existence, but the logo has been adjusted several times.

What is SMU Mustangs?

SMU Mustangs is an athletic department affiliated with the Southern Methodist University of Dallas, Texas. It has been in existence since 1911. It was started by soccer players, who were eventually joined by rowers, basketball players, horsemen, golfers, and other sports. In all, there were 17 teams as of 2022.

1968 – 1982

SMU Mustangs Logo 1968

The freedom-loving mustang is the basis of the Southern Methodist University athletic department’s identity. It is depicted as it runs: the horse gallops at full gallop, heading in the right direction. The drawing is contoured, showing only the general silhouette of the animal, not the details of its body. All the elements seem to be merged into a single red spot. Only the tension conveyed by the location of the figure is traceable. Next to the mustang’s knee is the trademark symbol, indicating that the emblem is the property of the rightful owner and cannot be used by unauthorized persons.

1982 – 2007

SMU Mustangs Logo 1982

The designers reduced the proportions of the horse and added two inscriptions. They placed them at the top and bottom, indicating the name of the Southern Methodist University athletic department. To make the text not blend in with the silhouette of the mustang, the designers colored both lines blue. They chose a bold, italic, sans-serif font.

2007 – 2012

SMU Mustangs Logo 2007

The redesign of the SMU logo brought a slightly darker shade of red, as it had previously been a couple of shades lighter. In addition, the “TM” designation disappeared. Its place was taken by the copyright mark – the letter C in a solid ring.

2012 – today

SMU Mustangs Logo

It is based on the previous emblem, so the new version repeats it exactly, except for the copyright sign. The designers moved it lower, and it is no longer near a horse’s knee but opposite a hoof.

Once the mascot was approved, it became firmly embedded in the visual identity of Southern Methodist University sports teams. That is why the mustang never disappeared from the logo: even the position of its body did not change. This image conveys the confidence of athletes, their strength, power, endurance, and stamina, which are very important for them.

Font and Colors

SMU Mustangs Emblem

The lettering is present only in one SMU logo. The top is in a typeface reminiscent of the Acronym Extrablack Italic from AE Type Inc. The line at the bottom is identical to the Sequel Sans Head Black Oblique font from OGJ Type Design studio.

SMU Mustangs Symbol

The university’s signature colors were chosen for the emblem. They are Harvard crimson and Yale blue. They were suggested by its first president – Robert Stewart Hyer. He decided on the noble shades so that the university would meet the high standards of Ivy League institutions of higher education.

SMU Mustangs color codes

RedHex color:#cc0035
RGB:204 0 53
CMYK:0 100 74 20
Pantone:PMS 185 C