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The Soap2dayto logo is universal because this media portal is not limited to any one genre of film. The logo has collected a huge collection of comedies, detective stories, melodramas, series, and other content designed for different viewers. Therefore, the emblem of the film service looks modest and traditional.

Soap2dayto: Brand overview

United States
Soap2dayto is a newcomer to the streaming industry, an American website that has a rich collection of films of all genres and documentaries, shows, and TV shows. The portal is designed for free viewing of video content online. It supports all types of gadgets, including desktops, tablets, laptops, smartphones, and other Apple and Android devices. The list of films and series are regularly updated. The Internet platform does not require registration and operates primarily in the English-speaking sector.

Meaning and History

Soap2dayto Symbol

The creators of the website offer to use its services to keep abreast of your favorite shows, have free access to exciting TV shows and watch fresh and cult films. The list includes all genres: mysticism, comedies, melodramas, horrors, thrillers, adventures, action films, detectives, etc. The organizers of the online service have provided convenient site navigation functions: a search bar, a detailed catalog, thematic grouping into categories, and much more. Soap2dayto is a huge number of HD movies concentrated in one place.

Some of the most beneficial advantages of the website include no registration and no need to provide personal data, free viewing, high definition, filters, and high-quality sound. The only inconvenience is advertising. But it does not cause problems when browsing because the online platform does not make it intrusive but earns from it, providing free access to its services. Another distinguishing feature of the cinema service is its quick recognition by its logo. And Soap2dayto has only one and was adopted back in the year of launch.

What is Soap2dayto?

Soap2dayto is the name of Internet service for viewing video content online. Its catalog contains many feature and documentary films, serials, shows, and TV shows. Content is presented in HD quality. The web platform does not require registration and payment because it earns by placing ads. The site is available to users on all types of personal devices: PCs, tablets, laptops, and smartphones.

The visual identity of the media portal is very modest and traditional. It directly reflects its type of activity so that users can immediately understand what the website is intended for. The logo consists of a graphic icon and an inscription representing the name of the video platform. Both elements are made in the classic style, but this does not mean that the site is difficult to remember. So its creators wanted to emphasize not external attractiveness but the internal content – what it is filled with.

The Soap2dayto logo uses a square with convex sides. It is also its key part. The geometric figure is completely painted in bright orange to attract the attention of potential visitors. The miniature square looks like a lamp-type TV screen with a massive kinescope made of thick solid glass thanks to slightly convex edges.

However, the white sign against its background adds a modern touch to the icon. The designers placed this classic play button in the center of the orange shape. The triangle is placed vertically, and one end is directed to the right. He seems to be calling for the launch of a video file. The corners of this geometric figure are not sharp but rounded, which indicates the safety of viewing the proposed media content.

Below is the name of the web portal, which is set in a standard sans-serif typeface. It’s smooth, with minimal letter spacing, so it looks like all the characters are connected. The single word is centered on the play button. It mostly uses lowercase letters, except the first “S.” A well-readable black inscription is located on a white background without frames.

Font and Colors

Soap2dayto Emblem

For the Soap2dayto logo, the designers used the traditional grotesque, close to Araboto Bold. It also features elements of the Roboto Black typeface by Christian Robertson. The corporate palette is muted orange in two shades – dark and light, forming light in the upper part of the button.

Soap2dayto color codes

Neon CyanHex color:#30fffd
RGB:48 255 253
CMYK:81 0 1 0
Pantone:PMS 3265 C