Rebrands for the Web3 Era: Harmonizing Music, NFTs, and Digital Identity Logo New

In a recent announcement,, the innovative platform that marries social networking with music through the use of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), revealed its freshly minted brand identity. Developed collaboratively with Austria’s Studio Herrström, the rebrand aims to emphasize the platform’s technological foundations in Web3, the next generation of internet technology.

The new logo evolves from its precursor, which featured a pixelated “S” emblematic of music on blockchain technology. While keeping the iconic “S” intact, the updated version opts for a less squashed form. The redesign makes it versatile enough to fit seamlessly into various shapes like squares and circles, enhancing its utility across social media avatars and favicons.

The updated logotype comes dressed in Acid Grotesk by Folch Studio, which replaces the previous, heavier sans-serif typeface. The new font provides a sleek, modern touch that aptly complements’s technological focus. Notably, Acid Grotesk stands as the exclusive typeface for the brand, further cementing its identity in the blockchain and NFT-oriented music sector. Logo Evolution (history)

What makes the new logo is distinct its strategic role within the broader visual lexicon of the brand. The emblem now serves as the cornerstone for a grid-based pattern and linking system. This dovetails well with Sound. xyz’s commitment to fostering a connected ecosystem of artists. An animated version of the logo extends this concept, representing each artist on the platform as a square avatar within this network.

While takes an arguably conservative approach in its choice of colors—sticking to a basic palette of white, black, and a few vibrant accent hues—it aligns with the prevailing aesthetics of the blockchain and NFT sectors. This choice of colors may not be groundbreaking, but it lends a familiar touch to a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Completing the rebrand is an animated pattern that visually encapsulates how music tracks are disseminated across the blockchain. It captures the essence of Sound. xyz’s network-centric, blockchain-based approach to music distribution.
To sum up, Sound. xyz’s newly unveiled brand identity aims to harmonize its core mission with its digital presence. It succeeds in achieving a tech-savvy aesthetic without veering from its primary goal—pioneering a decentralized and equitable platform for artists and fans. The new look serves as a testament to the brand’s ambitious future in the rapidly growing arena of blockchain-backed digital music and NFTs.