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Although the South Carolina Gamecocks logo is unusual, it is directly related to sports, as the mascot prototype is characterized by high excitement and determination. Unbridled fervor, endurance, and assertiveness – this is what the emblem conveys, magically affecting the subconscious of university team fans.

South Carolina Gamecocks: Brand overview

Columbia, South Carolina, U.S.
South Carolina Gamecocks is a sports program at the University of South Carolina, including 19 men’s and women’s teams. They participate in NCAA Division I, and almost all are part of the Southeastern Conference (only soccer players perform within the Sun Belt Conference, and volleyball players compete in the Coastal Collegiate Sports Association). The location of the department is located in Columbia, South Carolina.

Meaning and History

South Carolina Gamecocks Logo History

Since the founding of the University of South Carolina, it has not remained on the sidelines, first joining the sporting life of the region and then the country. For its sports department, it chose an unusual mascot (a fighting rooster), which effectively began to represent the teams at various levels. The mascot, like the teams, was named Gamecocks by the founders.

But this is not just a nickname; it’s a model of military tactics used by politician and general Thomas Sumter during the American Revolution. For his belligerent nature, he was called the Fighting Gamecock. For the first time, the newspaper The State referred to the university’s football team in this way. This happened in 1900. The individual colors for the sports department were passed down from the J. William Flinn family. In 1895, they presented the educational institution with a garnet and black flag. However, they were officially approved later.

What is South Carolina Gamecocks?

South Carolina Gamecocks is the name for 19 teams from the sports department belonging to the University of South Carolina. They successfully compete in the NCAA, representing Division I. They have numerous titles and awards in disciplines such as equestrian, football, basketball, golf, tennis, and other sports.

1961 – 1966

South Carolina Gamecocks Logo 1961

The South Carolina Gamecocks logo features a fierce rooster in a fighting pose. It is airborne, with powerful spurs and long claws thrust forward. The left foot is positioned higher than the right, indicating the bird’s intention to attack its opponent actively. The beak is open, the wings are widely spread, and the eyes show a determination to stand strong in battle and defeat the adversary. The design is done in garnet and black colors. There are no other elements on the emblem, as it is purely graphical.

1966 – 1975

South Carolina Gamecocks Logo 1966

The fighting rooster is depicted in a cartoonish style: it’s unrealistic. It lacks elaborate plumage, only having an inflated collar and a fluffed tail. The wings, as well as the neck, are directed to the right. The comb and wattles have a teardrop shape. The bird’s left foot is extended forward, while the right foot grasps a long, fluttering ribbon that reads “SCHOLARSHIP – LEADERSHIP” in uppercase letters. Football players wore this on their helmets, sometimes embellished with yellow claws and a powerful beak.

1975 – 2008

South Carolina Gamecocks Logo 1975

The South Carolina Gamecocks emblem received a block “C,” derived from the name of the state where the athletic department is located. The geometric letter is characterized by its large size and cut-off corners, resulting in short, straight edges instead of curves. The sports department’s mascot, the Gamecocks, is situated at the center of the figure. To highlight the garnet feathers with black outlines more clearly, designers traced them with white lines.

2008 – today

South Carolina Gamecocks Logo

In this version of the logo, the developers reduced the intensity of the garnet color, making it appear more matte. The black color retained its characteristic brightness and glossiness. No other changes were made. The palette change is related to the athletes’ uniforms; the emblem needed to look striking on a light background without being too harsh on the eyes.

Font and Colors

South Carolina Gamecocks Emblem

The South Carolina Gamecocks logo uses an uppercase grotesque typeface. The bold white letters ensure good readability, even with minimal spacing between the characters. A block font is also present, used for the single “C.”

The color scheme of the University of South Carolina athletes’ logo has always been standard: it consists of a combination of garnet and black. These colors were gifted to the university by J. William Flinn, whose family used them on their ancestral flag.

South Carolina Gamecocks Symbol

South Carolina Gamecockss color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C
Blood RedHex color:#73000a
RGB:115 0 10
CMYK:0 100 91 55
Pantone:PMS 484 C