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Funny adventures of cartoon characters can be seen in the emblem. The characters are constantly on the move, like athletes on a treadmill. The Space Jam logo shows the abundance of music accompanying the series’ events.

Space Jam: Brand overview

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Space Jam is a cartoon sports mashup with action elements. This is a classic comedy in which Michael Jordan rescues the characters from Looney Toons. She debuted in the mid-1990s and became the highest-grossing basketball film in the world. And not so much because of the NBA icon, but because of the main favorites of children: Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny, and other Disney heroes. In fact, the film was originally aimed at the younger generation – millennials, so its developers created the Space Jam website. It still exists today, delighting visitors with its unusual design of the “dog-google” era. However, it recently moved to a different web address to reorient the original domain to advertise a second film about the basketball player’s adventure and Looney Toons characters. The sequel was released in July 2021.

Meaning and History

Space Jam Logo History

The emergence of cult comedy is directly related to the career of Michael Jordan. Before leaving the sport, he tried to develop other projects as much as possible to turn his name into a superbrand. Against the background of these ambitions, the basketball player fell out with the company Nike, which was engaged in his promotion, and partially refused its services. The NBA star began working with sponsors without intermediaries. One of the achievements of that time was the movie Space Jam, where Jordan advertised the goods of all the brands that provided him with financial support. Among them were the McDonald’s restaurant chain, the Gatorade beverage range (PepsiCo), the Wheaties cereal brand (General Mills), the Nike sneaker, and the Hanes clothing brand.

Of course, Nike publicly supported the athlete, but in fact, she did not like the idea of ​​\ u200b \ u200bthe Hollywood film. Its employees called Space Jam a “binge trade” and believed it would tarnish quality advertising. And yet Michael Jordan realized his business ambitions: the comedy was released in 1996, grossing over $ 230 million.

Internet users remembered about it in 2010 when one of the Reddit bloggers drew attention to the existence of the ancient Space Jam promo site. As it turned out, it has not disappeared for many years, having outlived four US presidents and a sharp leap in the evolution of technology. The web resource was created in an era when no one followed virtual content, so designers could do whatever they wanted with it.

Space Jam Symbol

The main star of the site is the movie logo. More precisely, not a star, but a whole stellar system, because in structure, it resembles something in between a galaxy and the orbits of planetary rotation. This trademark debuted with Space Jam. It was introduced just before its 1996 premiere and was used on the original posters. When the second sci-fi comedy, Space Jam: A New Legacy (2021), was released, it turned out that its creators kept the original logo design and only slightly modernized it.

The graphic composition consists of inclined concentric ellipses with a gradient. The letter “J” from the film’s title is threaded in the middle. Thus, the inscription can be considered the center of rotation of the planets, the basis of the whole world. On the other hand, the colorful drawing looks like a portal to another dimension. This meaning echoes the film’s plot, where real people and animated characters are mixed.

Font and Colors

Space Jam Emblem

To style the text, the creators of the logo used a font similar to the Lithos Black modification by Carol Twombly. It is characterized by wide lines, geometric shapes, and many angles. Space Jam’s designers have added even more asymmetry by dropping the letters and cutting off some of the oblique lines. Moreover, the inscription elements are not just skewed – they creep on top of each other because the letter spacing is practically absent. This enhances the cartoon-style effect.

In the original version, the concentric rings are painted dark red with a gradient and are separated by thin light orange lines. The center is also orange. The movie’s title is green, but there is an additional transition to a yellow tint. In this case, the letters are outlined with yellow outlines and cast black shadows of different widths. There are also options with other color schemes: the text can be blue, and the rings can be yellow-brown.

Space Jam color codes

Madder LakeHex color:#cd3437
RGB:205 52 55
CMYK:0 75 73 20
Pantone:PMS 1788 C
Falu RedHex color:#8b181b
RGB:139 24 27
CMYK:0 83 81 46
Pantone:PMS 7621 C
Golden YellowHex color:#fedf0e
RGB:254 223 14
CMYK:0 12 95 0
Pantone:PMS 108 C
Maximum Yellow RedHex color:#fcbe57
RGB:252 190 87
CMYK:0 25 66 1
Pantone:PMS 1365 C
PearHex color:#d8e016
RGB:216 224 22
CMYK:4 0 90 12
Pantone:PMS 389 C
MantisHex color:#65bc49
RGB:101 188 73
CMYK:46 0 61 26
Pantone:PMS 361 C
BlackHex color:#030406
RGB:3 4 6
CMYK:50 33 0 98
Pantone:PMS Black 6 C