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The Spirit Airlines logo is designed in a minimalist style. It represents a simple and reliable company that allows for affordable flights. The lowercase letters of the emblem indicate local flights connecting major American cities.

Spirit Airlines: Brand overview

Miramar, Florida, United States
Spirit Airlines is a small Florida airline. It serves the region of North and South America. It flies in 83 directions. The air fleet consists of 200 airplanes. It positions itself as a carrier with low fares due to separate payments for each service on board, including baggage.

Meaning and History

Spirit Airlines Logo History

Spirit Airlines emerged in 1980, and the first known logo was created in 2002. The process of the company’s formation and its visual symbol was long and gradual. Initially, the company itself was founded. Its first name was Charter One, with its main task being the sale of tour packages and transportation of tourists. Only ten years later, the owners changed their course, deciding to engage in air transportation. Two years later, they purchased a new fleet of jet aircraft and changed the name to Spirit Airlines (1992). The final transformation was completed after moving the headquarters to Florida and expanding transportation beyond the U.S. It was then that the first known visual mark appeared. The history of transforming Spirit Airlines’ logos is a path to minimalism, which speaks of globalization and the company’s growth.

What is Spirit Airlines?

The seventh-largest carrier in the U.S., distinguished by the lowest prices on most routes. This contributes to the company’s popularity and high revenues, which 2022 amounted to about 5 billion dollars. The headquarters are in the city of Miramar.

2002 – 2007

Spirit Airlines Logo 2002

The first logo consists of three lines with a blue gradient. The lines are divided into conditional squares, each with its shade. The gradient moves from dark to light and transparent. This technique refers to the sky’s surface, whose colors constantly change. The lightness of the shades conveys the air space – the main roadway for the movement of aircraft.

The offset of the lines by one square forward forms a figure resembling a soaring cloud. The construction talks about the movement of air streams. Conveys the idea of flight.

On the central line, the first square is painted red. In it is placed the first letter of the inscription Spirit. Below on the third line, in small letters independent of the squares, Airlines is added.

The carrier’s name appeared after the aircraft fleet was changed to modern jet models. The name Spirit speaks of a fast as the wind movement. The name also hints at the work of a jet engine, which is associated with air compression.

The special emphasis on the initial figure conveys the striving for leadership. The energy that makes the company develop and move forward. The choice corresponds to the city’s slogan, where Spirit Airlines’ headquarters are located, and the red color – the leading one on the Florida flag. The shade also indicates speed. Since 1992, the company’s fleet has only consisted of jet aircraft, so the flight takes a minimum of time.

The capital white letters of the name convey lightness.

2007 – 2014

Spirit Airlines Logo 2007

In 2006, the company received investment from Indigo Partners, which allowed it to purchase 30 Airbus aircraft. Ben Baldanza, who facilitated the deal, took up the post of CEO.

Expansion and change of management were marked by rebranding. The emblem was reduced to the name. Large, massive letters with a slight tilt spoke of the company’s growth and development. The blue color embodied the sky. The red element “r” was like the path of an aircraft soaring upwards.

The color hinted at jet engines and speed. It suggested the bright fuselages of airplanes making flights to Latin America. The change in design occurred in 2007 when the DOT allowed commercial flights to Costa Rica, Haiti, and Venezuela.

The absence of capital elements in the logo spoke of local flights without crossing the ocean.

2014 – today

Spirit Airlines Logo

The company’s image has been changed again. The name of the new logo, Bare Fare, speaks for itself. Advertising and promoting itself as a carrier with ultra-low fares, Spirit Airlines incorporated advertising into the exterior design of the planes and the company logo.

The emblem is done in a minimalist style – a brief black inscription, Spirit—a bare title without decoration, the addition of Airlines, and color elements. The image embodied a fare at which the passenger pays only for travel with a small bag. Other services: drinks, baggage, etc., are paid for separately as desired. The approach allows for the minimum cost of the flight.

Font and Colors

The black color of the logo speaks of a low, basic fare for travel. It indicates the reliability and consistency of the company. Passengers can get basic services, but each is at the highest possible level.

The font is reminiscent of Neue Helvetica Paneuropean with full round letters, conveying comfort on board and reliability on the way.

Spirit Airlines color codes

Raisin BlackHex color:#231f20
RGB:35 31 32
CMYK:0 11 9 86
Pantone:PMS Neutra Black C