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Squarespace Logo

Squarespace Logo
Squarespace Logo PNG

Squarespace is an American internet company, hosting platform, and website builder. Its services include providing users with specialized software, ready-made templates for sites, and elements for creating and adjusting web pages. It has existed since 2004, being created by student Anthony Casalena. The headquarters is located in New York City.

Meaning and History

Squarespace Logo History
Evolution of the Squarespace Logo

The logo and the associated Internet resource appeared almost simultaneously. But at first, it was just a student project, when the future founder was studying at the University of Maryland. In 2004, he single-handedly set up a blog hosting service. For the first two years, he managed it independently and was its only employee.

By 2006, Anthony Casalena had made $ 1 million himself. And at that time, the student ran the web service right from his dorm room. No office was even discussed. He appeared a little later. In 2010, the project had already turned into a company and consisted of 30 employees, and by 2015 – about 550. It was in 2010 that a full-fledged company began with its logo and other attributes of visual identification.

Interestingly, when establishing the company, Anthony Casalena offered to launch a service for independent logo design, he received harsh criticism from professional designers. They felt that Squarespace was deliberately undermining their industry to disrupt it and turn it from artistic to automatic.

For the entire existence of the web service, it has had two official emblems. During the redesign, they almost did not change, which cannot be said about the very first – unofficial. The icon was made in shades of green, complemented by black and white, with the unusual writing of the letter “Q,” the tail of which was in the middle, not on the right.

2010 – 2018

Squarespace Logo 2010-2018

At first glance, it may seem that this is the most simple emblem. However, it is not. It contains the whole concept because each element in it is a link in the “chain” that users are used to seeing in the standard “Hyperlink” icon. This allegory speaks of the company’s core business – website development and hosting services.

Also, the double “S” is encrypted in the logo. The letter is formed by negative space: it is white and located between dark curved strokes. On the right is the uppercase word “Squarespace.” Its highlight is the “Q” sign in an unusual spelling. The tail is made in the form of a short line, making it seem like the “O” rests on the stopper.

2018 – present

Squarespace Logo 2018-present

The current version is an almost complete copy of the first logo. The designers made only a few amendments to it: they made the letters thick (changed thin ones to bold ones) and corrected the spelling “Q.” It meets grammatical standards because the bottom stroke does not cross out the circle and does not go inside – it has become much shorter. As before, the lettering is serif free: it is crisp, clear, and simple, located to the right of the corporate icon with curved lines.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Squarespace Emblem

The company has chosen a laconic logo for itself, which, at first glance, has nothing complicated. But this impression is deceiving because the graphic sign consists of two spaces. The first presents strokes – curved and semi-curved. In the second, double “S” are encrypted, denoting the initial letter from the service’s name. They have never been changed – only the lettering has been redesigned. The lines that make up the word have become much wider. Also, “Q” has been changed.

When creating the Squarespace logo, the developers settled on the Gotham Book typeface. It’s smooth, simple, chopped up, and well readable. As a result, the text part is ideally combined with the graphic, forming a balanced image.

Squarespace Symbol

Similarly, there are no extra elements in the color scheme – there is only a monochrome of two opposite tones (black and white). They contrast well, so the negative space hidden in the logo is visible. Moreover, both dark letters on a light background are used, and vice versa, which depends on the environment.