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The designers have designed the Ssoap2day logo that brings out the best in this streaming platform. The logo seems weightless due to the shape and arrangement of the elements. Such an emblem symbolizes the ease and high speed of watching movies, the simplicity of the interface, and a huge catalog of content for every taste.

Ssoap2day: Brand overview

United States is a website for watching movies and series. The collection contains more than 10 thousand free files available to most world users. The creators of the web resource offer their customers films of different quality. You can view them using a personal computer and using a mobile application. The company continues to develop. It is the first of its competitors to add a new cult series, thereby satisfying the target audience’s need to be the first to watch the latest in the film industry.

Meaning and History

SSoap2Day Symbol

Ssoap2day stands out not only for its large-scale collection of films but also for its user-friendly interface, with the help of which even a beginner can easily find a suitable film. It is a system of classification of films by years and genres. Therefore, if the resource client is a fan of 80s horror, then it will not be difficult for him to find a suitable film. Moreover, you can start browsing without authorization on the site. The user does not need to leave personal data, and therefore all operations within the system are performed anonymously.

In the site sections, a person will find both cult films of the silent film era and modern multimillion-dollar bestsellers. Resolution can be selected depending on the speed of the Internet so that the download of the picture is smooth and without failures.

What is Ssoap2day?

This project greatly simplifies the life of a global network user. Thanks to this site, there is no need to spend time finding your favorite movie in high quality.

During the entire existence of the web resource, the target audience was presented with one version of the logo, which at the moment did not lend itself to redesign. Consequently, the brand’s visual identity is at a high level. The emblem is fresh and bright, which once again attracts the target audience’s attention. For project management, the logo is not the main promotion element since the focus is on the content.

The SSoap2Day logo consists solely of word-of-mouth in a modern and progressive style. The first capital “S” in white is inside a blue square with rounded corners. Visually, this element resembles the “Skype” logo. The rest of the brand name is in blue capital letters. Against the background of other symbols, the number “2” stands out, the lower part of which is six horizontal blue lines.

The classic bold sans-serif font with a vibrant color scheme keeps the emblem in users’ minds. As a result, the logo looks airy and modern. The fact that the name doesn’t exactly convey the direction of the project only adds to the mystique of SSoap2Day, making the user go to the site and analyze the quality of the content.

Font and Colors

SSoap2Day Emblem

The brand name is made using a classic sans-serif font. Capital letters and thick lines only add scale to the verbal inscription, indicating the global nature of the project.

SSoap2Day decided not to go in cycles in a varied color palette, trying to focus on bright colors. As a result, the blue and white gamma looks stylish and modern. With the help of blue letters on a white background, the company tries to attract users’ attention, interest them, and motivate them to go to the project’s official website.

Ssoap2day color codes

Neon CyanHex color:#30fffd
RGB:48 255 253
CMYK:81 0 1 0
Pantone:PMS 3265 C