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The Star Citizen logo represents the road to the stars and other planets. The signals emanating from them call the player to new adventures. The emblem opens the veil of future victories. It is enough to set a clear goal and go towards it without turning it off.

Star Citizen: Brand overview

Founder:Cloud Imperium Games
Production of Star Citizen began in 2010 and continues to this day. Fans and investors have invested more than $ 250 million in it, although the developers originally planned to raise only 500 thousand. It is now not only one of the most expensive video games with over 2 million sponsors but also the most successful crowdfunding project. Many gamers dream of playing Star Citizen because it is an open-world space simulator in the FPS genre. You can become a spy, merchant, space pirate, thug, smuggler, or military man in a limitless universe, visit other planets, and even discover a new star system.

Meaning and History

Star Citizen Logo History

Each Star Citizen player has its hangar and RSI Aurora, which can be upgraded for different missions. For example, buy a cruise ship to transport the rich to other planets, buy the luxurious Origin 350R to race, or become the Drake Cutlass captain to attack merchants. You can also do the rescue of people and search for debris on the battlefield on the Reclaimer. That is, in the universe of the game, everyone can find their way.

Given the multi-million dollar funding, the project does seem ambitious. The developers have thought of Star Citizen to the smallest detail: its detail is ten times more than in all famous shooters. Cloud Imperium Games has paid great attention to the visual component and added many logos to the game for realism. Everything – from gangs to food – has its symbol. It helps to make the world really so that gamers find themselves in a real industrial city.

What is Star Citizen?

Star Citizen is a space simulator in which players can freely explore the galaxy and engage in whatever activities they desire. They have an unlimited choice of professions – from a regular pilot to a pirate, from a trader to a shipbuilder. The game was initially financed through crowdfunding. Production began in 2011, but the project’s planned deadlines were repeatedly missed. As of 2023, Cloud Imperium Games continues to work on Star Citizen.

The design issue is covered in a recent Inside Star Citizen video released in late January 2021. In this video, the authors describe how they create logos for Gino’s Hot, Crusader, microTech, and other in-game brands. Such detailing further immerses users in a fictional world and enhances the sense of the reality of what is happening.

The main Star Citizen logo has also received a lot of attention. It appeared a long time ago – at the first stages of development. There is a four-pointed star in the center of the graphic symbol – a reference to the game’s name and theme. It is placed in several thin rings, as a sight, because the battles in the space simulator are not the last place. Pirates, smugglers, and traders alike can participate in aerial combat by watching what is happening right from the cockpit.

Star Citizen: Interesting Facts

“Star Citizen” is a huge space simulation game that gamers enjoy. It promises a big universe and very deep immersion. It’s being made by Cloud Imperium Games, led by Chris Roberts, famous for the “Wing Commander” series. The game combines space fighting, trading, and first-person shooting in a huge online world.

  1. Crowdfunding Success: Since its 2012 Kickstarter launch, “Star Citizen” has raised millions, becoming one of the top crowdfunded projects ever. This money has helped make the game bigger and better.
  2. Releasing in Pieces: The game is coming out in parts, like “Arena Commander” for dog fighting, “Star Marine” for on-foot combat, a “Hangar Module” to check out ships, and the “Persistent Universe” for open-world play.
  3. Alpha Access: Even though the game is still being made, backers can play, trade, and battle in its universe. The developers keep the game fresh with regular updates.
  4. Detailed Ships: The ships and vehicles in “Star Citizen” are super detailed, with working parts and systems like shields and weapons that players manage in real-time.
  5. Dynamic Universe: The game’s universe is alive, with a player-driven economy. You can be a trader, pirate, bounty hunter, or explorer, affecting the game world and its economy.
  6. Famous Actors in Squadron 42: The game’s single-player part, Squadron 42, features famous actors like Mark Hamill and Gary Oldman. It aims to be a big, story-driven experience.
  7. Explorable Planets: With advanced tech, players can land on and explore huge planets and moons seamlessly without any loading screens.
  8. Top-Notch Graphics: “Star Citizen” pushes gaming tech to the limit, aiming for movie-quality visuals in real-time with stunning lighting, character models, and environments.
  9. Open Development: The team keeps players in the loop with updates, live streams, and events, sharing how the game is made.
  10. Growing Game Design: The game has grown to include survival, diplomacy, and a legal system, showing just how big the developers’ vision is.

“Star Citizen” aims to be one of the most detailed and immersive space games ever. Despite taking a long time to make and relying on crowdfunding, it’s getting bigger and better, promising an unmatched space simulation experience.

Font and Colors

Star Citizen Emblem

The game’s emblem is very similar in structure and design to the international organization United Nations logo. Both there and there are depicted at the edges of two olive branches, considered symbols of peace since the time of ancient Greece. They surround concentric rings, representing the azimuthal projection for the UN and the crosshair for Star Citizen. The center is the most important element: for the UN, it is a map of the Earth, and for a shooter, it is a star.

The name of the game on the logo is divided into two parts. Above is the word “STAR,” which looks unusual due to the elongated “R” and “S.” The second part, “CITIZEN,” takes place under the circle. The bottom caption uses a standard sans serif font. It is characterized by approximately the same line thickness and no rounding.

Star Citizen Symbol

The main color of the emblem is silver, but it has many shades – from white to dark gray. They create a metallic sheen and render the image three-dimensional. The 3D effect also extends to letters that have shadows.

Star Citizen color codes

Cool MintHex color:#c5d8dc
RGB:197 216 220
CMYK:10 2 0 14
Pantone:PMS 5523 C
Pastel BlueHex color:#aac3cd
RGB:170 195 205
CMYK:17 5 0 20
Pantone:PMS 7542 C
Light Slate GrayHex color:#7f909f
RGB:127 144 159
CMYK:20 9 0 38
Pantone:PMS 7544 C
EigengrauHex color:#151d2a
RGB:21 29 42
CMYK:50 31 0 84
Pantone:PMS 7547 C