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The road to the stars lies behind the symbols of the Star Trek logo. Movement in space and time is conveyed by sharp elements soaring upwards. The logo has a scientific overtone that is presented to the user in an understandable way.

Star Trek : Brand overview

Founder:Gene Roddenberry
United States
Star Trek is an iconic sci-fi media franchise. It was created by Gene Roddenberry, writer, and producer. It was based on a television series that debuted in 1966 and aired for three seasons on NBC. In developing the original plot, the author drew inspiration from literary and television classics. He used images of Horatio Hornblower (C. S. Forester), Gulliver (Jonathan Swift), and the motion picture Forbidden Planet and the 1956 series Wagon Train. The result was the USS Enterprise, built in the 23rd century by the United Federation of Planets. Its goal is the discovery of new worlds and the study of unexplored civilizations.

Meaning and History

Star Trek Logo History

Modern Star Trek is the most profitable franchise of all time. In addition to the original series has nine additional TV series, one base feature film, and six additional 22-episode cartoons. Several sequels and prequels came out later and told about the emergence of the spaceship and the crew, about the new generation. And in 2009, the franchise was rebooted, resulting in three more films.

Starting in 2017, the newest Star Trek has been replenished with more films, including digital platforms. At least two television series are in development. All this proves how cool and endless the space epic turned out to be and its original symbol – “A” in the form of a starship. Today it can be seen on games, figurines, T-shirts, museum props, rides, and comics, which are also a significant source of income.

What is Star Trek?

This is a legendary sci-fi-style media franchise about space adventure, the discovery of uncharted civilizations, and the struggle. She appeared in 1966. Screenwriter Eugene Wesley Roddenberry wrote it.

But the history of the emblem is long and confusing because, from the moment the creators of the debut film offered the audience a fantastic world, it has changed many logos. And almost all of them had a stylized “A,” resembling the tip of an upward arrow. It happened that a complex star or a simple stroke took its place. Now the logo is composite and includes almost all of the listed elements, denoting persistent movement forward.

Logo Star Trek

The original symbol depicts a spaceship. It consists of a geometric figure of irregular shape, in which the left side is lower and wider than the right. There are three sharp corners, reminiscent of the top and two legs of the letter “A” slightly.

The entire inner space of the icon is colored yellow and has a five-pointed star in the middle with an extended ray (upper). It is black, like the border around the edge of the figure. Another version of the logo is known – without edging, but in a mirrored design. One sign is yellow with a white star, and the other, on the contrary, is white with a yellow symbol in the center.

Font and Colors

Star Trek Emblem

The text part exists separately and is used as titles; therefore, there are several types of typefaces. Each of them is presented in a certain film, game, or TV series along with a corporate logo. In The Original Series and The Animated Series, the font is called Final Frontier Old Style. Designer Allen R. Walden created it. In The Next Generation, the choice fell on the proprietary typeface StarNext, in Deep Space Nine – on Kiwi Media’s Bajoran, and in Voyager – the Final Frontier typeface, designed by legendary Allen R. Walden.

Star Trek Symbol

The latest version is called Enterprise. He is involved in a TV series of the same name. Some letters are curly. For example, “S,” “A,” “R,” and “E” are complemented by diagonal lines with an acute angle. And the corporate colors are always the same: yellow, white, black. Sometimes blue is used.

Star Trek color codes

AmberHex color:#ffc200
RGB:255 194 0
CMYK:0 24 100 0
Pantone:PMS 108 C

Who designed the Space Force logo?

The Space Force logo was created in 1961 by the GSD & M advertising agency from the Air Force department. It was developed based on the 1942 mark used by the U.S. Army Air Forces.

What is the meaning behind the Star Trek logo?

The logo designates the first character of the English alphabet (A) or the Greek letter delta, made in the form of a launching spacecraft. Therefore, the emblem represents the movement of the Enterprise starship in outer space and the ship itself.

Why does the Space Force logo look like Star Trek?

This Star Trek logo is similar to the Space Force emblem, not the other way around. Because the real military symbol appeared in 1961, while the designation for the movie appeared later – in 1966, all matches are random.

What does the A stand for on Star Trek uniforms?

The letter “A” on the uniforms of the Star Trek heroes is a symbol of belonging to those who serve and are on the Enterprise spacecraft. Depending on the type of staff, it has several varieties.