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The road to the stars lies behind the Star Trek logo’s symbols. Sharp elements soaring upwards convey movement in space and time. The logo has a scientific overtone that is understandable to the user.

Star Trek: Brand Overview

Star Trek is an iconic sci-fi media franchise. It was created by Gene Roddenberry, writer and producer. It was based on a television series that debuted in 1966 and aired for three seasons on NBC. In developing the original plot, the author drew inspiration from literary and television classics. He used images of Horatio Hornblower (C. S. Forester), Gulliver (Jonathan Swift), the motion picture Forbidden Planet, and the 1956 series Wagon Train. The result was the USS Enterprise, built in the 23rd century by the United Federation of Planets. Its goal is the discovery of new worlds and the study of unexplored civilizations.

Meaning and History

Star Trek Logo History

Modern Star Trek is the most profitable franchise of all time. In addition to the original series, there are nine additional TV series, one base feature film, and six additional 22-episode cartoons. Several sequels and prequels came out later and told about the emergence of the spaceship, the crew, and the new generation. In 2009, the franchise was rebooted, resulting in three more films.

Starting in 2017, more films, including digital platforms, have replenished the newest Star Trek. At least two television series are in development. All this proves how cool and endless the space epic turned out to be and its original symbol – “A” in the form of a starship. Today, it can be seen in games, figurines, T-shirts, museum props, rides, and comics, which are also significant sources of income.

What is Star Trek?

This is a legendary sci-fi-style media franchise about space adventure, the discovery of uncharted civilizations, and the struggle. She appeared in 1966. Screenwriter Eugene Wesley Roddenberry wrote it.

However, the emblem’s history is long and confusing because from the moment the creators of the debut film offered the audience a fantastic world, it has changed many logos. Almost all of them had a stylized “A,” resembling the tip of an upward arrow. It happened that a complex star or a simple stroke took its place. The composite logo includes almost all listed elements, denoting persistent movement forward.

Logo Star Trek

The original symbol depicts a spaceship. It consists of a geometric figure of irregular shape, in which the left side is lower and wider than the right. There are three sharp corners, reminiscent of the top and two legs of the letter “A” slightly.

The entire inner space of the icon is yellow and has a five-pointed star in the middle with an extended ray (upper). It is black, like the border around the edge of the figure. Another version of the logo is known—without edging but in a mirrored design. One sign is yellow with a white star, and the other, on the contrary, is white with a yellow symbol in the center.

Star Trek: Interesting Facts

Star Trek, a trailblazing science fiction saga, has enchanted viewers since its first appearance in 1966. Conceived by Gene Roddenberry, this franchise has grown to encompass many TV series, films, books, and more, delving into themes of discovery, science, and humanity’s trajectory.

  1. Diversity and Unity in Casting: A pioneering element of “Star Trek” at its launch was its varied cast, featuring individuals of different races, ethnicities, and even from other worlds, collaboratively working in unity. This representation of inclusivity was particularly striking amid the social and political unrest in the United States during that period.
  2. Historic Interracial Kiss on TV: In 1968, “Star Trek” broadcasted the first interracial kiss on American television, shared between Captain James T. Kirk (William Shatner) and Lieutenant Uhura (Nichelle Nichols) in “Plato’s Stepchildren.”
  3. Tech Inspirations: “Star Trek” envisioned technologies that presaged actual devices and innovations. The handheld communicators resemble today’s smartphones, and the series is also acknowledged for influencing the creation of automatic sliding doors and tablet computers.
  4. Influence on Space Exploration: The series profoundly impacted individuals at NASA and within the space exploration sector. NASA’s inaugural space shuttle, intended to be called Constitution, was renamed Enterprise following a fan-driven campaign in homage to the show.
  5. Klingon Language Development: Marc Okrand, a linguist, developed Klingon into a comprehensive language for the film series, complete with its grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. Enthusiasts can study Klingon, engage in conversations, and even translate literature into this language.
  6. Revived by Fans: The emotional support from “Star Trek” enthusiasts, known as Trekkies or Trekkers, was instrumental in resurrecting the franchise after its initial cancellation. Their passion led to introducing new series and films and a flourishing fan culture featuring conventions, fan fiction, and clubs.
  7. Iconic Vulcan Salute: The well-known Vulcan salute, symbolizing “Live long and prosper,” transcends the series and becomes a symbol of cultural significance. Leonard Nimoy, who portrayed Spock, originated this gesture inspired by a blessing sign used by Jewish priests.
  8. Cult Status through Syndication: Though “Star Trek: The Original Series” achieved modest success in its original run, its syndication in the 1970s attracted a large audience, cementing its cult classic status and facilitating the franchise’s expansion.
  9. UN Peacekeeping Ship Named Enterprise: In 2013, the United Nations christened one of its space peacekeeping vessels, the “USS Enterprise,” reflecting the show’s peace and exploration ethos.
  10. Holodeck as a VR Forerunner: The Holodeck concept from “Star Trek: The Next Generation” represented modern virtual reality technologies early, demonstrating the franchise’s influence on conceptualizing future tech.

“Star Trek” maintains its stature as a cornerstone in science fiction and popular culture. It champions a positive outlook on the future, exploratory zeal, and a lasting message of diversity and inclusion that continues to inspire and entertain global audiences.

Font and Colors

Star Trek Emblem

The text part exists separately and is used as titles; therefore, several types of typefaces exist. Each is presented in a certain film, game, or TV series, along with a corporate logo. In The Original Series and The Animated Series, the font is called Final Frontier Old Style. Designer Allen R. Walden created it. In The Next Generation, the choice fell on the proprietary typeface StarNext, Deep Space Nine on Kiwi Media’s Bajoran, and Voyager – the Final Frontier typeface, designed by legendary Allen R. Walden.

Star Trek Symbol

The latest version is called Enterprise. He is involved in a TV series of the same name. Some letters are curly. For example, “S,” “A,” “R,” and “E” are complemented by diagonal lines with an acute angle. The corporate colors are always yellow, white, and black. Sometimes, blue is used.


What is the Star Trek symbol called?

The Delta symbol was first created in 1964 by William Ware Theiss, the brand’s costume designer, with the help of Gene Roddenberry, who created the series. Theiss liked to call it “Arrowhead.” The symbol has since become a key symbol of Star Trek and a revered icon in popular culture.

What is the Star Trek logo based on?

The logo is inspired by several elements similar to the NASA logo. These include a field of stars, a path around the logo, and an oblong arrowhead shape. This design reflects the brand’s theme of combining real-life space exploration with science fiction.

What is the meaning behind the Star Trek logo?

The Star Trek logo resembles the letter “A” or the Greek letter delta and is designed to look like a spacecraft launching into space. It symbolizes the Enterprise starship traveling through outer space. This design emphasizes the themes of exploration and adventure, which are key to the Star Trek series. It reflects the brand’s focus on depicting the starship’s journeys into unknown territories.

Why does the Space Force logo look like Star Trek?

The Space Force logo was introduced in 1961, and the Star Trek logo debuted in 1966. Therefore, any similarity between them is coincidental. The design of the Space Force logo was inspired by earlier military and space symbols rather than a science fiction series. The Space Force logo came first despite the similarities, leading to unintentional comparisons.

What does the “A” stand for on Star Trek uniforms?

The “A” on the uniform signifies membership in the Enterprise crew. This emblem identifies those serving on the ship and varies depending on their positions and units. It shows the specific responsibilities of each crew member and helps differentiate the various personnel positions on the ship. This design is both a symbol of belonging and a practical way of recognizing crew functions.