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The Star Wars logo demonstrates the franchise’s global reach. In symbols – space for a flight of fancy. The emblem reminds us that despite the importance of the events taking place, they are just a flash on the endless path of the Universe.

Star Wars: Brand overview

Founded: 1977
Founder: Lucasfilm Ltd.
Star Wars is a popular media franchise that covers movies, cartoons, video games, comics, books, and other Jedi-related space opera products. The basis of the Star Wars universe is considered to be a cycle of adventure films: 9 main episodes and two additional episodes. The first of them was released in 1977, but before that, a book was published based on the script because 20th Century Fox doubted the film adaptation’s success and decided to find out in advance whether the novelty would be popular.

Meaning and History

Star Wars Logo History

The Star Wars media franchise has been around for several decades. It has evolved to fit the new era, and the logo has changed with it. After all, what was in demand in the middle of the 20th century is no longer relevant. At the same time, the designers tried to preserve the iconic style that is associated with the space opera.

What is Star Wars?

Star Wars – an American media franchise that began in 1977 with the eponymous film and grew into a space epic. Its creator is filmmaker George Lucas. It quickly became one of the highest-grossing works on the planet. It now includes films, comics, novels, video games, TV series, themed attractions, and much more.

1976 (pre-release)

Star Wars Logo 1976

The history of the emblem began in the second half of the 1970s when filmmaker and screenwriter George Lucas conceived the idea of ​​creating the Jedi’s legendary science fiction saga. After the first film went into production, concept artist Ralph McQuarrie’s team began designing the debut Star Wars sign.

They offered many different options. One of them is the phrase “STAR WARS,” written in stylized letters. The flattened on the right side “R” and the unusual “W” were especially prominent. This version became the prototype for the main logo.


Star Wars Logo 1977

In 1977, the typographer Dan Perri was involved in the creation of the logo. He also suggested the logo animation’s idea: the movement of STAR WARS from the viewer into open space to the horizon. The author chose a bold font and made the words bright yellow, which did not fit with the concept of a fantastic saga. Perhaps that is why a black background with numerous stars was added to the background (this is how the film title appeared on the poster).

The inscription was in the shape of a cone. Dan Perri borrowed it from the opening credits of the 1939 Union Pacific feature film. This version was used in promotional material, particularly on the first poster for Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. She never got into the film itself.

1977 – today

Star Wars Logo 1977-present

The logo that appears in the credits of all Saga episodes was created by the artist Suzy Rice. It was originally intended to decorate the cover of the brochure and packaging and promotional materials. George Lucas contacted Seiniger Advertising to develop it. The designers were not very interested in the project, and only Suzy, as a young specialist, enthusiastically took up the implementation of the plan.

Lucas’s main requirement was that the emblem turned out to be as “fascist” and frightening as possible. The artist implemented this idea using a large drawing board, papyrus paper, and a simple pencil. Since her task was to make a logo for the brochure, she was guided by its size.

In terms of aspect ratio, the cover reminded Suzy of a projection screen, so while working on the “STAR WARS” caption, she thought about how the finished result would look on the movie screen. But the designer never expected that her logo would be placed in the credits of the film. The directors scrapped Dan Perri’s version because it was hard to read in the animated form.

Font and Colors

Star Wars Emblem

The current logo is the result of painstaking work by Suzy Rice. While creating it, the artist studied reproductions of political artworks of the 1930s because, at that time, fascism began to emerge as one of the forms of the state system. She also focused on the Art Deco style and used the enlarged Helvetica Black typeface as a reference.

This is how the first version appeared: the two-line inscription “STAR WARS,” outlined with white lines. Subsequently, filmmaker Joe Johnston slightly modified the emblem, making the outlines bright yellow.

Star Wars color codes

Black Hex color: #000000
RGB: 0 0 0
CMYK: 0 0 0 100
Pantone: PMS Process Black C