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Starlink Aviation’s logo captures the quintessence of flight through a dynamic figure shaped like two dark blue arcs converging into a stylized vortex. These arcs symbolize abstract air streams, an indispensable element in the aviation sector. The company name on the right is split into two levels: the red “STARLINK” lettering dominates the top line, and the white “AVIATION” lettering is in a blue rectangle at the bottom. In both instances, a contrasting font with elongated serifs is employed.

The vortex made by the two converging arcs is not just visually captivating; it holds symbolic weight. It represents the air flows that are fundamental to aerodynamics and flight mechanics. This vortex is a tangible representation of the invisible forces the aviation sector battles, learns from and uses to its advantage. By including it in the logo, the company portrays itself as a master of these forces, promising safety and efficiency.

Starlink Aviation makes a bold statement by opting for dark blue arcs and red and blue rectangles as the color palette. Dark blue usually signifies trust and reliability—critical attributes in aviation. It stands out against the vibrant red word “STARLINK,” commonly associated with energy, passion, and action. The white “AVIATION” on a blue background combines purity and tranquility, interpreted as the company’s commitment to safe and tranquil journeys.

The elongated serifs of the font add a touch of sophistication and make the text easy to read, even from a distance. The contrast between the red and the white text set against their respective backgrounds increases visibility and draws attention to the brand name.

The arrangement of the brand’s name into two levels adds another layer of interpretation. The top line, dominated by the word “STARLINK” in energetic red, captures the viewer’s first glance, suggesting that the company aspires to lead and shine like a star in the industry. The second line, with “AVIATION” in calming white and blue, reassures that while aiming for the stars, the fundamental principles of aviation and passenger safety will not be compromised.

Every aspect of the logo is a multifaceted symbol that tells a comprehensive story. Whether it’s the innovative vortex design, the carefully chosen color palette, or the sophisticated font, each element harmonizes to convey the company’s core values and mission. The emblem is a strategic blend of aesthetics and symbolism, encapsulating trust, efficiency, safety, and a cutting-edge approach to aviation.

Starlink Aviation: Brand overview

Founded: 1981
Dorval, Quebec, Canada
Founded 1981 in Dorval, Quebec, Starlink Aviation emerged as a Canadian airline that provided service until 2000. Initially, Starlink entered the aviation scene utilizing Boeing 727 jetliners to deliver charter services.

Throughout the 1980s, the airline managed irregular passenger and cargo charter services internationally, operating from their Canadian bases. They extended their portfolio by catering to sports teams and corporate clientele.

As the 1990s rolled in, Starlink introduced scheduled passenger flights between Canada and Caribbean, Mexico, and Central America holiday destinations. Their offering centered on vacation packages and cost-effective charter-style services for leisure travelers.

However, the relentless competition from leading airlines started to challenge the sustainability of Starlink’s business model. Consequently, after nearly two decades of service, Starlink closed its operations in 2000.

During its heyday in the 1990s, Starlink maintained a humble fleet of five Boeing 727s. The airline played a substantial role in shaping Canada’s charter airline industry before the era of consolidation that left limited prospects for small charter carriers in the 21st century.

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