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The Steep logo exudes sophistication and precision, reflecting the brand’s commitment to robust, high-quality data analytics. The emblem is a visual shorthand for the company’s core competencies: extracting insights from complex data sets for decision-making. It is designed to inspire trust and encourage potential customers to consider Steep as a data analytics platform.

Steep: Brand overview

Steep, an advanced data analytics platform, hails from Stockholm, Sweden. This innovative tool is set to change the way companies approach data. It fosters collaboration between different specialists and streamlines analytical processes, making them accessible to all. Steep was founded in September 2022, with funding allocated for 2022-2023.

Central to Steep’s offerings is an innovative centralized semantic structure. Within this structure, metrics are given a single definition to ensure their ubiquitous application. This design ensures that users, even those without technical knowledge, can delve into these metrics without SQL knowledge. The platform offers extensive functionality. Users can create reports using a drag-and-drop interface, perform in-depth analyses suitable for experts, and access tools that improve collaboration between different teams. Another important aspect is Steep’s compatibility with dbt, allowing for easy integration and use of dbt-specific metrics.

The company’s operational base is in Stockholm. Visitors to digital sites note the lack of cookies on Steep’s website, which emphasizes user privacy. In terms of financial backing, the company has raised significant investment. According to Crunchbase, Sequoia Capital stands out among its backers. The newly founded Steep aims to revolutionize data analytics and collaboration through its distinctive semantic architecture. They attract potential users with a free initial offering and provide seamless integration with platforms such as dbt.

Meaning and History

Steep Logo History

2021 – 2023

Steep Logo 2021

2023 – today

Steep Logo

The Steep analytics platform logo consists of two main components: the name and a unique symbol. The name is located on the right side and is typed in predominantly lowercase letters – smooth, chiseled, and even curves. The circular shape is repeated throughout the design, even in the symbol in front of the text. The graphics are reminiscent of an inverted Pacman, though not related to the game. The symbol is a pie chart illustrating the statistical data from the analysis.

The choice to design the symbol as a pie chart is appropriate for an analytics platform that serves as a visual cue for interpreting data and making sense of it. It emphasizes the brand’s focus on providing analytical solutions. The smooth, chiseled typography complements the circular shapes, making the logo cohesive and memorable.