Steep’s New Brand Identity Takes It to New Heights

Steep New Logo

Stockholm-based data analytics platform Steep is undergoing a brand metamorphosis to better articulate its mission to solve the “last-mile analytics problem.” This phenomenon speaks to the underutilization of data in companies despite advanced technologies that simplify data collection and cleansing.

With the new branding, Steep aims to realize its core mission, “Making Meaning Shared.” This expresses their desire to democratize complex data, making it understandable and accessible to all stakeholders in the organization. However, the transition has not been without its challenges. Steep’s new logo is different from the old one, which featured an inverted pie chart stylized as a mountain peak, indicating the company’s name. The updated logo retains the mountain motif, but the pie chart detail is gone. This prompted criticism that the rebranding may have moved away from an analytics focus, weakening the brand’s commitment to data science.

The new Steep brand is built around a clear visual language that combines playfulness and reliability, which is essential for a service that deals with mission-critical data. This is achieved through a minimalistic black-and-white color scheme accented with splashes of color. Inspired by “eureka moments” in data analysis, the simple yet colorful illustrations that complement the brand identity seem to scream “insight,” evoking the shape of a spreadsheet while emphasizing the joy of discovery.

Steep Logo Evolution (history)

Typography is another area in which the rebranding demonstrated evolution. The inclusion of Signifier and Söhne fonts from Klim Type Foundry helps streamline the brand’s visual communication. These fonts align with Steep’s overall goal of presenting analytics data in an accessible and aesthetically pleasing way.

However, the rebranding has its critics as well. Most prominent among them is the issue of the new tagline “Make sense common,” which was deemed somewhat ambiguous for a company whose goal is to clarify complex data issues. In addition, while branding components such as fonts and illustrations were noted for their vibrant energy and human approach, the Steep logo seems disconnected from these elements.