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The logo of Steven Universe, the popular animated series, features a star symbol, just like the one on Steven’s T-shirt. This graphic element was introduced into the story as part of the visual design. Rebecca Sugar deliberately added repetitive characters to the show to create a sense of the importance of small details and fill them with power.

Steven Universe: Brand overview

Founded:November 4, 2013 – January 21, 2019
Founder:Rebecca Sugar
Beach City, Delmarva
The Steven Universe series tells the story of a growing-up boy Steven. He lives alongside the Crystal Gems aliens, whose bodies are made of gems. As the story progresses, the main character learns the truth about his family, develops superpowers, and saves the world. The pilot episode was released in the spring of 2013, and the first season began in November (there are five in total). The last episode aired in 2019.

Meaning and History

Steven Universe Logo History

What is Steven Universe?

Steven Universe is an animated film created by American screenwriter and storyboard artist Rebecca Rea Sugar. Children’s animated series focusing on topics such as the importance of family, love, and mutual assistance. The main acting character is the little boy Steven, who got his name in honor of Rebecca’s younger brother.

Rebecca Rea Sugar inspired the animated show. She also came up with the original design, developed the characters’ personalities, and named the series after her younger brother, partially writing off the image of the main character from him. Sugar also made a great creative contribution to creating the Steven Universe logo, which contains a five-pointed star in addition to the inscription. The same star is featured on the T-shirt of the fictional boy Steven.

In an interview, Rebecca said that she was inspired by the visual symbol system by Mike Mignola, author of the Hellboy comic series. She turned to a talented artist for help when she was planning the concept for her new animation project. The creator of the animated series wanted advice on visual design because she admired Mike’s ability to fill the space of comics with small but very important details. It turned out that the repetition of the same symbol at different points in the story makes it possible to associate it with a certain character.

As a result, Sugar decided to add a yellow five-pointed star to Steven’s pink T-shirt. Why this particular sign? The fact is that the author of the animated series wanted to build a mythological basis for the story based on the ancient goddesses. Mignola advised her to pay attention to Ishtar – the goddess of war, love, and fertility. Her symbol is an eight-pointed star, and her animal is a lion. That is why Steven has a pet lion in the animated show, which is the main character’s guardian.


Steven Universe Logo 2012

This logo was used during the pre-development phase of the animated series when only its initial concept existed. He was featured in the introductory video, where a yellow-brown inscription “STEVEN UNIVERSE” appeared on a light background. The title of the show spanned two lines and was in bubble type. All glyphs were capitalized but varied in size, as one of the characters relied on a “flattened” top word. The light edges and dark center made the letters appear three-dimensional.

2013 (pre-pilot)

Steven Universe Logo 2013

In the pre-pilot version of the emblem, the two-level inscription became multi-colored. Red “S” and “I,” orange “T” and “V,” green “V” and “R,” two purple “N,” and yellow and blue “E” made the name of the series childishly colorful, which paired especially well with bubble type. At the same time, the upper line had the shape of an arch, and the lower part was curved in the opposite direction. Between them was a scarlet medallion depicting an eight-pointed star – the main symbol of the goddess Ishtar.

2013 (pilot)

Steven Universe Logo 2013 (pilot)

In the show’s pilot episode, the lettering changed to yellow and gold. At the same time, it was slightly tilted back, which was achieved by changing the shape and size of the glyphs. The designers made both words shiny using a gradient and highlights. And the black contours that outlined each letter made the silhouettes clear and voluminous.

2013 – 2019

Steven Universe Logo

The final Steven Universe logo is inspired by the wordmarks that were designed for the series’ promo poster and pilot. Art director Kevin Dart retained the yellow color and bubble font of the lettering but slightly changed the overall design concept. His sketches served as the basis for a version created in collaboration with other creative team members. Ian Jones-Quartey and Rebecca Sugar provided helpful tips, Angie Wang and Danny Hynes shaped the letters, and Tiffany Ford finished off the logo.

In this version, the title of the series is written in bold italics, with the initial letters of both words merging. Inside the “U” is a small five-pointed star, which is painted red and blue. The same colors have wide contours of the inscription. The first line is slightly shifted to the left because another star is depicted on the right – a large yellow-gold one.

Rebecca Sugar used the star as a universal graphic symbol, not tied to the age and gender of the character. The creator of the series considered that this is a positive symbol that is associated with space and with good grades in elementary grades. It is also related to the goddess Ishtar, thanks to which it emphasizes the mythological basis of the animated show.

Font and Colors

Steven Universe Emblem

The name Steven Universe consists of a set of individual cartoon-style glyphs. But there are fan-made fonts based on the logo: for example, Crystal Universe or the Steven Universe Font family. They contain bubble glyphs with very wide elements and tiny letter gaps.

Steven Universe Symbol

As for the palette, it is represented by a combination of red, blue, and several shades of yellow. All colors are warm and bright. At the same time, they are randomly scattered around the emblem and have clear boundaries without a gradient.

Steven Universe color codes

Light Goldenrod YellowHex color:#fffcd7
RGB:255 252 215
CMYK:5 100 71 22
Pantone:PMS 7499 C
MustardHex color:#e3d4ad
RGB:255 221 78
CMYK:0 13 69 0
Pantone:PMS 115 C
Red OrangeHex color:#f04938
RGB:240 73 56
CMYK:0 70 77 6
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C
Blue BellHex color:#9c8fc4
RGB:156 143 196
CMYK:20 27 0 23
Pantone:PMS 271 C