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The Stobart Air logo embodies the company’s professionalism and reliability. Its design conveys a sense of lightness, dynamism, and free flight, ensuring passengers have no doubts about choosing this airline. The emblem reflects the brand’s commitment to innovation in the aviation industry.

Stobart Air: Brand overview

Stobart Air’s genesis dates back to 1970 when it was established as Aer Arann Islands to serve the Aran Islands off the west coast of Ireland. Throughout the 1970s and 80s, the airline gradually evolved into a regional carrier operating flights throughout Ireland and the UK under the Aer Arann brand.

In 1994, the airline transformed and became Aer Arann Express, specializing in contract services to major carriers. By 2010, the airline had another new name, Aer Lingus Regional.

In 2014, the Stobart Group acquired Aer Lingus Regional and renamed it Stobart Air, aligning it with its other aviation businesses. Under the new name, the airline increased its fleet and route network, operating regional flights for partners such as Aer Lingus, Flybe, and Brussels Airlines.

However, the devastating impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the aviation industry left Stobart Air in dire financial straits. Unable to recover, the airline finally ceased operations in June 2021.

Stobart Air operated 18 aircraft on 45 routes in 11 countries during its heyday. However, disruptions caused by the pandemic led to the airline’s eventual collapse after more than half a century of operating under different names.

Stobart Air’s closure ended an important chapter in Irish aviation history. The airline had long been one of the country’s largest regional carriers, providing crucial transport links for major partner airlines.

Meaning and History

Stobart Air Logo History

1970 – 2014

Aer Arann Logo 1970

The old Stobart Air logo features the inscription “Aer Arann Regional” – a name the airline acquired in the 1990s and used until 2014. Designers chose an italic sans-serif font for the wordmark, as it best conveys a sense of swift movement. The visual dynamism reflects the energy of flying airplanes and generally aligns with the aviation industry.

The rounded parts of the letters are associated with the comfort the company provides its passengers. The green color serves the same purpose, symbolizing calmness, harmony, and stability. The two elongated arcs are deliberately shaped this way: the smooth lines have a powerful visual impact, demonstrating Stobart Air’s commitment to high speed while simultaneously evoking a sense of complete safety.

At first glance, the logo may lack any cultural foundation, but this is untrue. It uses two shades of green, which is very significant to Ireland. Green is associated with the island and its rich nature. Moreover, the color of the famous Irish symbol—the shamrock—plays an important role in the country’s national traditions.

2014 – 2021

Stobart Air Logo

The Stobart Air logo features a design resembling a feather and a tree leaf, symbolizing lightness and fluidity. The blue gradient adds volume, and the gray shadow gives depth. The jagged edges and central stripe create visual dynamism. The brand name is in two lines, aligned on the right, with “Stobart” in bold italics and “Air” in a thin regular font, both in light blue.

The feather-leaf design suggests nature and freedom, indicating the airline’s eco-friendliness or spirit of adventure. The blue gradient symbolizes the sky or water, elements linked to travel. The gray shadow adds complexity and a 3D effect, enhancing visual appeal. The typography balances boldness and subtlety, showcasing the brand’s versatility.

The feather and leaf design emphasizes the airline’s commitment to sustainability and a smooth travel experience. The blue gradient represents the sky and water, evoking calm and reliability. The gray shadow adds depth and realism, making the logo more engaging. This layered look reflects the airline’s multifaceted approach to service.

The typography is chosen to convey strength and elegance. The bold italic “Stobart” shows confidence and dynamism, while the thin regular “Air” adds sophistication and grace, reflecting the airline’s balance of robust performance and refined customer experience.