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Stobart Air logo features an element resembling a feather and a leaf, known for their lightness, weightlessness, and fluidity. The blue gradient brings volume to the design, while the gray shadow adds depth. Jagged edges and a central strip dividing the feather-like shape infuse the emblem with visual dynamism. The brand name is arranged in two lines aligned to the right; both words share the same light blue hue but differ in typography: “Stobart” is in bold italics, while “Air” employs a thin, upright font.

The dual nature of the emblem’s central element speaks to multiple layers of meaning. On one hand, the feather-like figure symbolizes lightness and agility, two attributes essential for an airline. On the other, its resemblance to a leaf signifies environmental consciousness and growth, thereby appealing to contemporary concerns over sustainable practices in aviation.

The brand makes a visual commitment to efficiency and adaptability, as suggested by the feather, while also nodding to environmental sustainability, indicated by the leaf-like shape. The design element immediately communicates that this is a company attuned to the delicate balance needed in modern aviation between performance and preservation.

Stobart Air uses the color blue extensively in the logo, often associated with the sky, openness, and possibility. Blue is also the color of trust and dependabilityā€”qualities passengers look for in an airline. The gradient effect, starting darker at the base and transitioning into a lighter hue, adds an intriguing complexity to the design. It subtly hints at the company’s nuanced approach to air travel, where customer experience and operational excellence are given balanced attention.

The word “Stobart” is bold and italicized, imbuing the brand with urgency and movement. In contrast, “Air” is set in a lighter, upright font, which offers a calming counterpoint, suggesting that the airline’s services are swift but also safe and reliable.

The visual dynamism achieved through the jagged edges and central strip, which divides the feather into two parts, underscores the brand’s commitment to innovation and constant motion. It shows that the airline is growing and continually evolving to meet passenger needs and industry demands.

The layered design elements in this emblem capture the airline’s core values and mission, encapsulating ideals like speed, efficiency, trust, and ecological responsibility, all crucial for its role in the aviation sector.

Stobart Air: Brand overview

Founded:1970 – 12 June 2021
Founder:Ettyl Ltd.
Dublin, Ireland
The genesis of Stobart Air goes back to 1970 when it was established as Aer Arann Islands to serve the Aran Islands off the west coast of Ireland. Throughout the 70s and 80s, the airline gradually morphed into a regional carrier, operating flights across Ireland and the UK under the Aer Arann moniker.

In 1994, the airline transformed, rebranding as Aer Arann Express, focusing on contract services for larger carriers. By 2010, the airline had adopted another new name, Aer Lingus Regional.

Stobart Group acquired Aer Lingus Regional in 2014 and renamed it Stobart Air, bringing it in line with the group’s other aviation enterprises. Under its new identity, the airline grew its fleet and route network, operating regional flights for partners including Aer Lingus, Flybe, and Brussels Airlines.

However, the devastating impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the aviation industry left Stobart Air in a dire financial state. Unable to recover, the airline shuttered its operations permanently in June 2021.

In its heyday, Stobart Air operated 18 aircraft on 45 routes spanning 11 countries. But the disruptions caused by the pandemic led to the airline’s ultimate downfall after more than half a century of service under various names.

With the closure of Stobart Air, a significant chapter in Ireland’s aviation history ended. The airline had long served as one of the country’s largest regional carriers, providing essential connectivity services for major airline partners.

Meaning and History

Stobart Air Logo History

1970 – 2014

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2014 – 2021

Stobart Air Logo