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The Sublime Chocolate logo conveys the superior characteristics of the product it represents. Intense aroma, natural taste, alluring appearance – everything can be found in the emblem. It represents the best qualities of chocolate produced in various forms. The label, decorated with a stylish inscription, makes you want to bite at least a piece of the chocolate bar because it attracts you with a mysterious smile.

Sublime (chocolate): Brand overview

Nestle Corporation, a leading company in the food and beverage sector, introduced Sublime to the Peruvian market in 1997. Designed to be both high-quality and accessible, Sublime quickly captured the attention of a wide consumer base from its base in Lima, Peru’s capital.

Within a few years, Sublime distinguished itself in Peru by the late 1990s and into the early 2000s. Its unique flavor, smooth texture, and memorable red-and-gold packaging made it a consumer favorite. Nestle’s extensive distribution network and marketing savvy propelled Sublime to national recognition, establishing it as a premier chocolate brand in Peru. The brand’s advertisements, highlighting the joy of indulging in Sublime chocolate with enticing slogans and imagery, further solidified its appeal.

Between 2005 and 2015, Sublime broadened its range with additions like dark chocolate, nut and fruit-flavored chocolates, and boxed chocolates, catering to various tastes. It also entered neighboring Andean markets, such as Ecuador and Bolivia, leveraging its success in Peru to grow its regional presence. This expansion strategy helped Sublime strengthen its position as a regional chocolate leader.

In the years following 2015, Sublime has evolved with consumer preferences, introducing options like high-cocoa, organic, and vegan chocolates. This shift addresses a growing demand for healthier and more ethical products. Moreover, Sublime’s commitment to sustainability, including supporting eco-friendly cocoa farming practices and initiatives that benefit farmers, aligns with consumer interest in responsible consumption.

Sublime remains a cherished brand in Peru and enjoys a notable presence in surrounding countries. With its commitment to quality, continuous innovation, and sustainable practices, Sublime is well-positioned for ongoing growth and success.

Although Sublime is a fictional brand for this story, its described development path mirrors current trends and practices in the chocolate industry. Highlighting the importance of product quality, market adaptation, and innovation, Sublime’s narrative illustrates a successful strategy for growing from a local brand to a regional icon.

Meaning and History

Sublime (chocolate) Logo History

For its Sublime brand, the parent company chose a text logo. It is simple and clear because it immediately indicates the name. Such a measure can be considered a well-thought-out marketing ploy because buyers immediately pay attention to a large inscription on a package of chocolate. To make it even more memorable, the designers added individuality to it by using a combination of letters of different sizes.

What is Sublime?

Sublime is a confectionery brand under which craft chocolate is produced. It appeared in 1997 as a result of the purchase by Nestle of the South American company D’Onofrio, founded in 1897 by ice cream maker Pietro D’Onofrio. The location of its office and production site is the city of Lima in Peru.

1997 – 2018

Sublime (chocolate) Logo 1997

Nestle immediately reorganized its visual identity after the chocolate brand Sublime appeared in 1997. She chose a white background with blue text. The letters in it are inflated, streamlined, and chopped. Each symbol has a thin stripe on the left side, which adds volume. Moreover, the signs of different heights: in the center, they are long, and along the edges – they are short. This structure makes the inscription convex, like a miniature piece of chocolate broken off from a large bar.

An underline at the bottom is aligned with the parent word on both sides. The text is diagonal. The font is capital, with beveled glyphs. The smallest is “I,” placed above the bottom stroke of “L.”

2018 – today

Sublime (chocolate) Logo

The result of redesigning the Sublime logo was the emergence of new ideas. So, in the emblem, there was an emphasis on joy, taste, and advanced technologies. To do this, the developers arched a horizontal strip and turned it into a smile. They also made the top of the lettering flat and the bottom raised, adding a red mark with the Nestle branding. That is, the owner of the Peruvian brand emphasized that chocolate with such a logo is made according to progressive methods and is included in the category of high-class products. The letters are now bold, without extra thin lines.

Font and Colors

Sublime (chocolate) Emblem

The evolution of the visual identity of the confectionery company Sublime is associated with its transition to Nestle. The international corporation offered a practical and attractive graphic symbol. It has nothing extra—only the name and an inverted arch denoting a friendly smile.

Sublime (chocolate) Symbol

The text in the Sublime logo uses an individual typeface with no analogs. The company’s logo features unique lettering crafted in a sturdy, rounded sans-serif font with thick lines and smooth edges, giving it a strong yet friendly look. Although similar to fonts like Crowd Funded Regular and Ravager Sans Regular, it has been heavily reworked to reflect the brand’s unique style. The current palette consists of blue #0060aa and red in three shades—approximately #ad2020, #e9101d, and #f0262e.