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The abilities of the hero are closely within the usual framework. The Superman logo is full of energy, just like the character itself. His muscles are strong, and his talent is multifaceted. The emblem shows: that superman moves with lightning speed, bringing relief and joy to those in trouble.

Superman: Brand overview

Founder:DC Comics
United States
Superman is a character with superpowers. It was invented by writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster and then sold to DC Comics. The actual moment of “birth” of Superman is considered in 1938 when he first appeared in Action Comics # 1.

Meaning and History

Superman Logo History

As conceived by the authors, the superhero wears a red-blue-yellow suit, complemented by a cloak and a large breastplate in the form of a pentagonal shield with the letter “S.” This logo has become so common that it has been used in the media industry as a symbol for Superman. It was often redrawn, changing the colors and outlines of the elements.

What is Superman?

This is a DC Comics character who is endowed with superpowers. He has amazing intelligence, keen hearing, excellent eyesight. He knows how to develop incredible speed, fly, and not need food, sleep, and oxygen. And his body has strength and invincibility.


Superman Logo 1938

Joe Shuster designed the debut version of the logo. Readers first saw it in the June 1938 edition of Action Comics # 1; however, it was not in the story itself, only on the cover. In appearance, the shield resembled a police badge.

1938 – 1939

Superman Logo 1938-1939

The comic uses a triangular logo with the letter “S.” The inside of the shield was yellow. The frame and “S” were drawn in red, but sometimes, to save time, the colorist left the stroke around the triangle in yellow.

1939 – 1940

Superman Logo 1939-1940

For several years, the emblem has not changed, except that the frame has become thicker, and the “S” has acquired a new shape.


Superman Logo 1940

In September 1940, the triangle-shaped sign returned briefly. The geometric shape is completely yellow, and the “S” is now large serifs. This version is specific to Superman # 6. In 1940, illustrator Hugh Joseph Ward proposed a logo with an orange letter and frame.

1940 – 1941

Superman Logo 1940-1941

In Action Comics # 26, the pentagonal emblem was first introduced on the superhero costume.

1940 – 1946

Superman Logo 1940-1946

In March 1940, a modified logo appeared: a black triangular shield with a red letter, an inner white outline, and an outer black outline. He was used in several Superman # 4 and was featured on the corner cover of Action Comics until 1946.

1941 – 1943

Superman Logo 1941-1943

Superman # 9 used an inverted triangle symbol with cut edges. The red “S” had large serifs.

1943 – 1944

Superman Logo 1943-1944

The yellow-orange version is back, but sans serif.


Superman Logo 1944

In Superman # 26, the emblem was a pentagonal shield with a rounded base. The letter and frame turned red again.

1944 – 1955

Superman Logo 1944-1955

DC Comics decided to trademark the character’s logo. The artist Wayne Boring, who was working on the superhero, changed the thickness of the bezel and came up with the iconic “S” design.

1955 – 1986

Superman Logo 1955-1986

New illustrator Curt Swan made the letter bigger and bolder.

1977 – today

Superman Logo 1977-present

The most recognizable Superman mark was the version with a black outline that surrounded the “S” and a red border. At first, this emblem was considered secondary, but it began to appear in comics a little later.

1986 – 1992

Superman Logo 1986-1992

From 1986 to 1992 (from The Man of Steel # 1 to The Death of Superman), the John Byrne logo was used. The designer paid attention to the letter “S” by making the serif triangular.

1997 – 1998

Superman Logo 1997-1998

In Superman’s new episodes (Vol. 2) # 123, the character’s superpowers were associated with electricity, so the “S” on the emblem looked like stylized lightning. There was a blue and white version at first, but after the division of the main character into two entities, a red and white version also appeared. The author of both versions is Ron Krentz.

2001 – 2003

Superman Logo 2001-2003

In Superman (Vol. 2) # 175, the character returned to the classic look, and his sign became red and black.


Superman Logo 2011

The first four issues of Action Comics (Vol. 2) # 1 introduced a new logo. It resembled the 1977 version, but with different proportions and a revised palette.

2011 – 2016

Superman Logo 2011-2016

From 2011 to the New 52 Era, a redesigned emblem with asymmetrical “S” without a bottom serif was used.

Font and Colors

Superman Emblem

The Superman logo has been updated frequently – sometimes due to plot twists, sometimes due to artist change. But the concept remained the same as many years ago: a shield and the first letter of a superhero name.

The letter “S” does not match any of the existing fonts, as it was designed specifically for the superhero.

The classic logo palette includes red, black, and white. There were versions with different shades of red, and one version contained a blue shield.

Superman color codes

Boston University RedHex color:#c80000
RGB:200 0 0
CMYK:0 100 100 22
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C
Middle YellowHex color:#ffeb00
RGB:255 235
CMYK:0 8 100 0
Pantone:PMS 102 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C

What does Superman’s logo stand for?

Many people think that the letter S on Superman’s chest is related to his name, but this is not the case. The logo comes from the superhero family crest. On the planet Krypton, where he was born, this S-shaped sign symbolizes hope.

What is the shape of Superman’s logo?

The main shape of the Superman logo is a diamond-shaped shield in the form of a cut diamond with the letter “S” inside.

Is the Superman logo a diamond?

At first, the Superman logo was on the heraldic shield. In the 1940s animated series, he first took on the shape of a diamond-shaped diamond, which periodically changed.

Can I use Superman logo?

Using the Superman logo in the original or modified version is considered copyright infringement. You must contact the trademark owner directly to obtain permission.