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Supernatural Logo

Supernatural Logo
Supernatural Logo PNG

Supernatural – American fantasy with elements of horror and horror, created by Eric Kripke. It was first introduced in 2005 on The WB. The duration of each series is 35-48 minutes – total filmed 15 seasons. The main characters are the Winchester brothers. Their roles are played by Jensen Ackles (Dean) and Jared Padalecki (Sam).

Meaning and History

Supernatural Logo History
Evolution of the Supernatural Logo

The series received its distinguishing mark immediately upon exit to the screen. As befits fantasy, it is saturated with mysticism and mystery. As a result, logos (several of them) accurately convey the spirit of the supernatural.

The original Supernatural emblem, which appeared in the year 2005, had a classic font for this genre – strict and a little figure. Although the name is fully capitalized, the first sign looks higher than the rest. In all subsequent variations, the word looks ominously and intimidating. The developers achieved this result thanks to a careful selection of colors and unusual visualization techniques.

Font and Color of the Emblem

Supernatural Symbol

The film uses many characters that convey a connection with the other world. One of the most important elements reflected not only in the logo but also on the tattoos of the main characters is the pentagram. Unlike the classical meaning, it has a slightly different meaning and, accordingly, it has a different function. She acts as a personal amulet, protecting heroes from evil forces. Such a mark prevents the demons from taking possession of their bodies. Whereas in the occult world, the pentagram expresses โ€‹โ€‹the unity of the five elements of nature.

Another key element is the unicursal hexagram. The six-pointed star was created by the 19th-century Hermentic Order of the Golden Dawn. Traditionally, it personifies the combination of opposites, but in the series, it is used as a sign of the secret society of Men of Letters.

Supernatural Emblem

The name of the film is in uppercase. All letters are strictly ranked in height. The unusualness is given to them not by the form, but by the background, as various 3D effects complement them. At the same time, the signs are subtle, as if emerging from nothingness.

The color rendering of the logo has undergone many changes. To achieve the ominous, developers are constantly experimenting. In the second season, they used yellow-fire symbols, in the third – bright letters with the effect of lightning, in the fourth – red bleeding signs, in the seventh – the inscription in black viscous resin.