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The American horror-fantasy series “Supernatural,” whose logo is imbued with mystique and secrecy, was released in 2005. The emblem is a bright example of accurate conveyance of the supernatural spirit and connection with the otherworldly realm using unusual visual techniques.

Supernatural: Brand overview

Founded:September 13, 2005
Founder:Eric Kripke
United States
Supernatural is an American fantasy with elements of horror and thriller, created by Eric Kripke. It first premiered in 2005 on The WB channel. Each episode lasts 35-48 minutes – in total, 15 seasons have been produced. The main characters are the Winchester brothers, portrayed by Jensen Ackles (Dean) and Jared Padalecki (Sam).

Meaning and History

Supernatural Logo History

The series received its distinctive mark immediately after its release. As befits a fantasy, it is saturated with mystique and secrets. As a result, the logos (there are several) accurately convey the spirit of the supernatural.

The original Supernatural emblem, which appeared in 2005, had a classic font for this genre – strict and slightly ornate. Although the name is entirely in uppercase, the first character looks taller than the rest. In all subsequent variations, the word looks ominous and frightening. The developers achieved this result thanks to a careful selection of colors and unusual visualization techniques.

What is Supernatural?

“Supernatural” is an American mystical TV series, considered the longest-running fantasy show, as it has 15 seasons. The first season aired in 2005, and the premiere of the last was in 2020. The series was created by Eric Kripke, who participated in the creation of the first five seasons. The series debuted on The WB channel, starring Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles.

Supernatural: Interesting Facts

“Supernatural” is a TV show from America that blends scary, funny, and touching stories. Eric Kripke made it, first shown on September 13, 2005. After 15 seasons and 327 episodes, it ended on November 19, 2020.

  1. It Lasted a Long Time: “Supernatural” lasted 15 seasons, making it one of the longest fantasy shows in the US. People loved it because it told great stories and had a lot of fans.
  2. The Car: The show features a 1967 Chevrolet Impala, nicknamed “Baby.” This car is very important in the show, almost like another character. The creators picked it because it’s big enough to carry everything the monster-hunting brothers need.
  3. References to Culture: The show includes many nods to myths, legends, and popular stories, which makes “Supernatural” fun and interesting, with different monsters and stories.
  4. Fans Matter: The makers of “Supernatural” listen to their fans. They even made an episode where the main characters find themselves in a world where they are actors, which was a fun way to involve the audience.
  5. Family is Key: At its heart, “Supernatural” is about family. The strong bond between Sam and Dean Winchester shows that family is more than just blood relatives.
  6. A Musical Episode: For its 200th episode, “Supernatural” did something different and made a musical episode. This shows how the show likes to try new things.
  7. Spooky Set: The cast and crew have had their own weird experiences while making the show, like lights flickering or strange sounds, making it feel even more real.
  8. Trying for Spin-offs: They tried to make new shows based on “Supernatural,” but none took off. It’s hard to recreate what made the original so special.
  9. Helping Others: The people behind “Supernatural” have raised money for good causes, especially mental health. The main actors are involved in this.
  10. A Big Impact: “Supernatural” has become more than a show. It inspired many fan art, stories, events, and studies. It has greatly influenced its genre and has a strong and creative fan community.

In short, “Supernatural” mixed scary adventures with meaningful stories about family and friends, making it memorable and loved by many.

Font and Colors

Supernatural Symbol

The series uses many symbols conveying a connection with the otherworldly realm. One of the most important elements, reflected in the logo and in the tattoos of the main characters, is the pentagram. Unlike its classical meaning, it has a somewhat different significance and, accordingly, a different function. It acts as a personal amulet, protecting the heroes from evil forces. Such a sign does not allow demons to possess their bodies. Whereas in the occult world, the pentagram expresses the unity of the five elements of nature.

Another key element is the unicursal hexagram. The six-pointed star was created in the 19th century by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Traditionally, it symbolizes the combination of opposites, but in the series, it is used as a sign of the secret society of the Men of Letters.

Supernatural Emblem

The film’s title is written in uppercase. All letters are strictly ranked by height. Their uniqueness is not in the form but in the background, as they are complemented by various 3D effects. At the same time, the signs are thin, as if emerging from nonexistence.

The color scheme of the logo has undergone numerous changes. To achieve a sinister effect, developers constantly experiment. In the second season, they used yellow-fiery symbols; in the third – bright letters with a lightning effect; in the fourth – red bleeding signs; and in the seventh – an inscription in black viscous tar.

Supernatural color codes

Outer SpaceHex color:#313641
RGB:49 54 65
CMYK:25 17 0 75
Pantone:PMS 7546 C