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The Survivor logo is brimming with adventures and wild nature. In separate elements of the emblem, the viewer can see the main features of the season and the areas where participants live. The sign points to the lives of the heroes in a limited space.

Survivor: Brand overview

Founded:May 31, 2000 – present
United States

Survivor is an American version of an episodic extreme survival show set in an uninhabited location. Participants procure their own food, provide shelter, and gain bonuses and privileges by passing various tests of endurance, speed, and ingenuity. Each season involves 16 people, divided into 2-3 teams. Over the course of 40 days, castaways gradually drop out until one remains, who receives a $1 million prize. Charlie Parsons is the executive producer and creator of the franchise.

Meaning and History

Survivor Logo History

Two seasons of the show are filmed each year, and a new location is chosen for each one. By the 15-episode stretch, a separate logo is created, which fully reflects the spirit of the locale, the themes of the competitions, and the tasks. However, all emblems share a common shape, the name in the center, and inscriptions, which form a memorable motif of the sign and ensure its recognition. The oval is a direct embodiment of the islands where the games take place, and the bold outline is an element indicating separation from the rest of the world and concealment from the eyes of others. The participants are placed in an environment where they are confined for the duration of the show.

What is Survivor?

An American analog of the Swedish reality show Robinson about the struggle for survival on an uninhabited island. It has been broadcast since 2000. During this time, 44 seasons have been filmed, with 15 episodes each. The duration of an episode is 43 minutes. It is among the top 10 most popular shows in the US and has been nominated for an Emmy 63 times.

season 1 2000

Survivor Borneo Logo (season 1) 2000


season 2 2001

The Australian Outback Logo (season 2)

season 3 2002

Survivor Africa Logo (season 3)

season 4 2002

Survivor Marquesas Logo (season 4) 2002

season 5 2002

Thailand Logo (season 5) 2002

season 6 2003

The Amazon Logo (season 6) 2003

season 7 2003

Survivor Pearl Islands Logo (season 7) 2003

season 8 2004

Survivor All-Stars Logo (season 8) 2004

season 9 2004

Vanuatu Logo (season 9) 2004

season 10 2005

Survivor Palau Logo (season 10) 2005

The logo of the game’s tenth season is oval with a large rim in a khaki camouflage color. On both sides, there are images of sharks that threaten the players on the island. One of them was successfully caught by the participants. The rim contains slogans related to the game: outwit, outplay, and outlast. They demonstrate the primary goal of the players – to outmaneuver opponents.

In the center, on a yellow oval backdrop, the name of the show is written in angular white letters. It conveys the meaning of the game: to stay alive. The white color of the letters speak to novelty, constant updating of locations, fair judging, and playing in the fresh, clean air. The green outline hints at the nature in which the participants live.

The inscription below indicates the location of the game: the Republic of Palau. In the background are the islands of Koror and Ulong, where the main actions took place. In the water, rocky reef islands that distinguish the location are visible. The sun is particularly emphasized in the picture, as on the islands, there are more than 20 sunny days per month all year round, with an average daily temperature of 28 degrees Celsius.

season 11 2005

Survivor Guatemala - The Maya Empire Logo (season 11) 2005

The eleventh season took place in Guatemala, which is reflected in the logo. The oval border is black, and instead of sharks, there’s an ancient depiction of green snakes, as the country has 134 species of them. The backdrop of the title is also black. It speaks to life in the jungles, night challenges, and volcanic soils. There are 33 volcanoes in Guatemala and a lot of solidified lava. The outline of the white letters of Survivor is orange, hinting at the hot tropical climate.

Below the name of the show is the name of the area where the competitions took place. The territory chosen for the game was Nakúm-Naranjo National Park. The park has surviving Mayan structures, which is also mentioned on the emblem. The buildings are depicted in the background of the sign. The snakes drawn in the logo were highly valued in the tribe’s culture.

The oval also contains the image of a mask, a prototype of the immunity idol used for voting in this season.

season 12 2006

Survivor Panama - Exile Island Logo (season 12) 2006

season 13 2006

Survivor Cook Islands Logo (season 13) 2006

season 14 2007

Survivor Fiji Logo(season 14) 2007

season 15 2007

Survivor China Logo (season 15) 2007

season 16 2008

Survivor Micronesia Logo (season 16) 2008

season 17 2008

season 18 2009

Tocantins Logo (season 18) 2009

season 19 2009

Survivor Samoa Logo (season 19) 2009

season 20 2010

Survivor Heroes vs. Villains Logo (season 20) 2010

season 21 2010

Survivor Nicaragua Logo (season 21) 2010

season 22 2011

Survivor Redemption Island Logo (season 22) 2011

season 23 2011

Survivor South Pacific Logo (season 23) 2011

season 24 2012

Survivor One World Logo (season 24) 2012

season 25 2012

Survivor Philippines Logo (season 25) 2012

season 26 2013

Survivor Caramoan-Fans vs. Favorites Logo (season 26) 2013

season 27 2013

Survivor Blood vs. Water Logo (season 27) 2013

season 28 2014

Survivor Cagayan Logo (season 28) 2014

season 29 2014

Survivor San Juan del Sur Logo (season 29) 2014

season 30 2015

Worlds Apart Logo (season 30) 2015

season 31 2015

Survivor Cambodia Logo (season 31) 2015

season 32 2016

Survivor Kaoh Rong Logo (season 32) 2016

season 33 2016

Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X Logo (season 33) 2016

season 34 2017

Survivor Game Changers Logo (season 34) 2017

season 35 2017

Survivor Heroes v. Healers v. Hustlers Logo (season 35) 2017

season 36 2018

Survivor Ghost Island Logo (season 36) 2018

season 37 2018

Survivor David vs. Goliath Logo (season 37) 2018

season 38 2019

Survivor Edge of Extinction Logo (season 38) 2019

season 39 2019

Survivor Island of the Idols Logo (season 39) 2019

season 40 2020

Winners at War Logo (season 40) 2020

season 41 2021

Survivor 41 Logo (season 41) 2021

season 42 2022

Survivor 42 Logo (season 42) 2022

Modern franchise logos have changed slightly. They no longer have the name of the country, as Fiji has been the main location for several seasons in a row. Instead of the location, the focus has shifted to the season number. It is indicated in large numbers at the top of the oval backdrop. The first in 2022 was episode 42.

The logo has a blue border. The shooting took place in the island nation. Therefore, the tribe’s location was surrounded by water, which is symbolized by the color blue.

In the center of the background is a labyrinth. The show’s name is written on a piece of old board, which is attached to the emblem with a lock. On the other side of the board is a key. Almost all challenges involved wooden vessels, boats, chests, and sleds. So, the wood plays an important role in the season. In each game, participants solved puzzles, and whoever assembled it first got immunity. The labyrinth suggests this.

At the two ends of the emblem, you can see tongues of flame, reflecting the two tribes, their councils, and voting, which take place by torchlight.

season 43 2022

Survivor 43 Logo (season 43) 2022

The 43rd season has a bright and vibrant logo in lettuce green colors. In the background are silhouettes of native men and women, into whom the participants transformed. The man holds a torch with which players go to vote. The woman holds a staff with a torch.

The lettuce-green wavy lines on the rim of the emblem resemble seaweed and hint at the beautiful chains formed by the islands. A large octopus occupies a large part of the emblem’s area, as there are many of them off the coast of Fiji.

The yellow color of the letters hints at the hourglass, which a player could smash to cancel the immunity of the winning team. The light shades also speak to the show’s duration being reduced from 39 to 26 days.

season 44 2023

Survivor Logo

The logo for the 44th season, shot in 2022, is related to caves and stones. The stone arch is the place where the council is held. On the emblem are silhouettes of players with torches, symbolizing the elimination vote. On the sides of the central blue inscription with the show’s name, there are also two torches. The abundance of fire hints at the inner fire of the players that must be shown in the season and indicates a large number of dangerous challenges.

The word Survivor is placed on a blue background and has a white outline. Part of the top rim of the oval is covered with palms and a stone structure. The emblem transports the viewer to the green Mamanuca Islands, where the season takes place.

Font and Colors

The logos predominantly feature natural colors: various shades of green, yellow, and blue. Red is used for accents, symbolizing competitions and battles, black embodies the strength and dominance of the winner, and white is the color of beginnings and a refresh of the show format.

  • Green – represents leaves, grass, energy, and the power of nature. Most of the participants’ food is plants.
  • Yellow – sand, as most of the competitions are on tropical islands and participants live on the beaches. Yellow is also the sun, its warmth.
  • Bluewater, necessary for drinking, cooking, and bathing.

Together, the colors mean life because, without food, warmth, and water, survival is impossible. The font of the title was specially designed for the show. The angularity of the letters speaks of difficulties and trials, surprises, and camping conditions.

Survivor color codes

DenimHex color:#005cc6
RGB:0 92 198
CMYK:100 54 0 22
Pantone:PMS 2935 C
Orange PeelHex color:#ff9f00
RGB:255 159 0
CMYK:0 38 100 0
Pantone:PMS 137 C