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The Tangled logo is a visual embodiment of the fairy tale, beauty, and Golden Sun. The emblem represents the essence of the story in word symbols, their spelling, and coloring. The sign emanates a sense of strength, happiness, and light.

Tangled: Brand overview

Founder:Walt Disney Animation Studios
United States

Tangled – one of Disney’s cartoons about the adventures of Princess Rapunzel, who, from the tower, gets into the unknown real world. The filming lasted for six years and cost 260 million dollars, which made the film the most expensive cartoon. The premiere occurred in 2010, bringing in almost 600 million dollars at the box office.

Meaning and History

Tangled Logo History

The logo is as magical as the fairy-tale world where the princess lives. No pictures were used in the emblem so that it looked gender-neutral and created an association with adventures and treasures, not with girls and romance. The birth of the sign took place in 2010, as the film’s title was different during the entire six-year production.

What is Tangled?

The cartoon is based on folk tales published by the Brothers Grimm. It was filmed by Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment using a combination of computer and traditional animation. Dan Fogelman wrote the script. The main characters are the kidnapped princess Rapunzel and the thief-boy Flynn Rider.


The logo is the name of the story, placed in an arc. On top is the usually stylized inscription Disney, which emphasizes the franchise’s affiliation with the famous studio.

Interestingly, they initially planned to call the film Rapunzel Unbraided, then Rapunzel. Still, when developing the financial side of the project, they decided that Tangled would look more neutral and help attract girls and boys to watch. Therefore, they changed the title just before the premiere.

The semi-circular writing indicates several things:

  • The princess’s location is on top of a tower on a high hill.
  • The magical protection that helped the princess remain safe in her travels.
  • Life under a bell jar, as the wicked witch did not allow the girl to go out into the world.
  • The crown that Flynn Rider stole.
  • The sky lanterns that the king and queen launched in search of their daughter.
  • The rainbow as a symbol of a dream come true. Rapunzel dreamed of seeing the lights and set off on her journey.

The letters of the inscription seem to consist of a strong golden border, and inside, they are filled with liquid gold. The contours remind of hair, and the inner filling indicates life force and energy.

Font and Colors

The golden color of the inscription embodies the stunning locks of the princess. They became a consequence of using a flower that grew from a drop of sunlight. Its healing power cured the pregnant queen-mother and gave her daughter unusual hair.

The color embodies beauty and youth, which the witch was chasing, and because of this, the whole story with Rapunzel happened.

It indicates precious metal and the high-born origin of the heroine.

The font of the title is unique and unusual, primarily because of the transformation of the letter g. Its curls are like Rapunzel’s long braid. The elongation of the glyph hints at the continuation of the story. A short film (2012) and a series (2017) were shot based on it.

The other letters have interesting elements expanding at the ends, which also underlines the spread of the story. The heroine entered the list of Disney princesses. Outfits, a doll, and other girls’ products have been created for her. The flat parts resemble the roots of trees in the forest where the tower stood.

Tangled color codes

Raw UmberHex color:#92673f
RGB:146 103 63
CMYK:0 29 57 43
Pantone:PMS 7574 C
CrayellowHex color:#edcf57
RGB:237 207 87
CMYK:0 13 63 7
Pantone:PMS 128 C