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The designers created the TED logo, which characterizes this web platform as a reliable and stable partner. The emblem is simple but universal – what is needed for a fund that collects ideas for developing business, technology, science, creativity, culinary and other areas.

TED: Brand overview

Founder:Richard Saul Wurman, Harry Marks
New York, New York, U.S.; Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

TED allows you to share interesting and creative ideas with the world. Users can do this both online, that is, on the foundation’s official website, and in reality – at events that are held every year in different countries. Moreover, this is a multilingual project: its participants record their performances in more than 100 languages. They are also not limited by choice of topics: unique ideas are welcome to solve the pressing problems of business, culture, entertainment, design, science, technological development, and many other areas.

The media organization TED “grew” out of a single conference held in 1984. It was initiated by Harry Marks, who decided to bring together experts from different industries to work on common projects. The architect Richard Saul Wurman helped him in this. The list of selected fields of activity – Technology, Entertainment, Design – became the basis for the name TED.

Unfortunately, the first event turned out to be a failure, even though quite influential personalities spoke at it. Due to failure, the second conference was delayed for six years and took place only in 1990. Since then, it has been held annually, bringing together thinkers who offer interesting and promising ideas to the world.

Meaning and History

TED Logo History

A logo promotes TED’s brand recognition in the form of a short three-letter inscription. Its main feature is the invariable design because the media organization has never experimented with the transformation of visual identity and does not plan to do so shortly. The wordmark contains a minimalistic abbreviation without decorative elements. Despite this, it immediately catches the eye because the red color looks very bright and stands out, especially against a white background.

Another feature of the TED logo is the bold sans-serif font. It is distinguished by simple but, at the same time, memorable glyphs with approximately the same stroke width. There are no other noteworthy details because the brand decided to focus on its name, for which it highlighted it to the maximum.

What is TED?

The abbreviation TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design. TED Conferences LLC is the name of an American non-profit foundation dedicated to spreading all sorts of ideas. The latter are presented in the form of short speeches on any topic – from politics to art. The organization appeared in 1984, and in 1990 began to hold annual conferences.

The inscription “TED” is the epitome of constancy and reliability. In the entire history of the non-profit foundation, it has never changed, so for almost forty years, it has managed to become a kind of symbol of stability. This impression is enhanced by the “stable” letters, which do not taper towards the bottom but have a uniform thickness, like the silhouettes of ancient columns. Due to the reduced intervals between glyphs, the wordmark seems to be solid and monolithic.

Font and Colors

TED Emblem

The sans serif font used in the TED logo is called Neue Haas Grotesk (aka Helvetica). This is the famous neo-grotesque typeface, created in 1957 on the model of Akzidenz-Grotesk. Its authors are Eduard Hoffmann and Max Miedinger. For the three-letter inscription, a bold version was chosen so that the word immediately catches the eye. All letters are in upper case; there is practically no distance between them, except for a very narrow gap.

TED Symbol

To attract attention, the designers made the brand name bright red. They used the shade Pantone 485 (HEX – #e62b1e) for this. The white background turned out to be very handy because any bright colors stand out well, especially the whole palette of red. Successful contrast has become one factor that determines the stability of the TED logo.

TED Logo

TED color codes

RedHex color:#e62b1e
RGB:230 43 30
CMYK:0 81 87 10
Pantone:PMS 485 C