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Your message flies to the subscriber and will be delivered safe and sound, says the Telegram logo. The emblem is a prototype of continuous communication with the help of modern Internet technologies.

Telegram: Brand overview

Founded:August 14, 2013
Founder:Nikolai Durov, Pavel Durov
Tortola, British Virgin Islands
The Telegram app is designed to exchange text, voice, and video messages instantly. Moreover, users can send each other files of any format, make free calls, create bots, microblogging, edit photos and use the messenger as a repository of media content. The cross-platform service is suitable for all operating systems.

Meaning and History

Telegram Logo History

Russian entrepreneur Pavel Durov created Telegram in 2013, but this idea came to him two years earlier, when special forces were standing at his apartment door. He then realized how important it is to have a secure communication method that no one can trace.

At first, the messenger was a project of the Digital Fortress company. It became a kind of experiment on the MTProto cryptographic protocol: the developers wanted to test whether the encryption could withstand heavy loads. At that time, the media compared Telegram to WhatsApp, and users looked for bugs in the application to get the promised $ 200,000 for it.

Even then, the messaging system had its own white and blue logo, which was used instead of an icon. And Pavel Durov was in no hurry to change it because the paper airplane inside the circle became a kind of Telegram’s calling card. The only redesign was to simplify graphics when minimalism came into vogue.

What is Telegram?

Telegram is a cloud-based communication and content sharing program. In the first month of 2021, it overtook absolutely every application globally in the number of downloads. Such popularity is due to its strong encryption of chats, groups, and calls, which restricts data access to all but Telegram servers. The first version of the software was released in 2013.

2013 – today

Telegram Logo 2013-present

The first emblem consists of a complex set of geometric shapes. It is based on a large blue circle, inside which the rest of the elements are located. In the center is a white arrow-shaped triangle with rounded ends. It is divided in half by a pointed light gray stripe curved at the bottom. In the place of the fold, in the very corner, there is a small gray triangle. The polygons form the paper airplane, and the circle is used as the background.

2019 – today

Telegram Logo 2019-present

In 2019, the second version of the logo appeared. The designers have reduced the number of geometric shapes, leaving only two of them: a light blue circle and a white arrow-shaped element representing the plane’s wings. The gray polygons have disappeared – a notch remains in the elongated strip, which now divides the triangle into two symmetrical parts.

Font and Colors

Telegram Emblem

Both Telegram emblems – both old and new – are used instead of the program icon and change in the settings at users’ request. They are also found in documents, promotional materials, and souvenirs because the company has not abandoned its previous symbol even after the redesign. The second version looks much more primitive than the first: the volume has disappeared in it, because of which the airplane has become even more abstract. This minimalism is explained by the fact that recently there has been a visual simplification of graphic design. And this applies not only to Telegram but also to other brands – from Ikea to Apple.

The image of a flying plane is present on both emblems of the messenger. It has a dynamic that is associated with the speed of message transmission. It is also a symbol of communication between people – not only as a vehicle but also as a paper airplane folded from a note.

The company did not have to involve typographers in the logo’s work because there is no word. The designers focused on the graphic component so that the image can be made a full-fledged icon.

Telegram Symbol

The colors were reflected in the proprietary Telegram palette: a combination of white and blue. The circle is painted in Rich Electric Blue’s shade (# 0088CC), so the light plane is visible against its background.

Telegram color codes

Rich Electric BlueHex color:#1e96c8
RGB:30 150 200
CMYK:85 25 0 22
Pantone:PMS 801 C

What do the symbols on Telegram mean?

The clock symbol indicates that the message is being sent. A single checkmark icon will appear when it is delivered to the server. And after another Telegram user receives a message in the dialog, a symbol consisting of two stacked checkmarks will be displayed.

What does the Telegram logo mean?

The Telegram logo depicts a paper airplane that has several meanings. First, it may be a letter that someone folded and sent by air to the addressee. Secondly, it symbolizes flight – and not only the flight of thought. It has dynamics because it personifies the high speed of messaging in the messenger. And yet the plane is a means of transportation that quickly connects people.