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Tennessee Titans Logo

Tennessee Titans Logo
Tennessee Titans Logo PNG

Tennessee Titans is a team of professional American football players. Since 1970, after the merger of AFL and NFL, the club is part of the National Football League and is a representative of the AFC Southern Division. The team was founded in the 1960s and is based in Nashville, Tennessee.

The franchise appeared as an AFL member in Houston, Texas, and was called Houston Oilers. The team stayed there until 1996 until it moved to Tennessee, where it changed its name. First, at Tennessee Oilers, and a year later, at present. The final location of the club was the city of Nashville.

The club’s original owner is Kenneth Stanley Bud Adams. He is not only the life leader of the Titans but also the founder and creator of the American Football League. After his death (in 2013), the team transferred to KSA Industries.

Tennessee Titans emblem

The first renaming of the franchise is related to relocation from Houston – then she changed Houston Oilers to Tennessee Oilers. The second change is caused by the revision of the image and the formation of a more harmonious, thoughtful image. The impetus for this step was the desire of the fans. The majority shareholder listened to them and timed the name change to the opening of a new stadium. This allowed him to demonstrate the club’s close relationship with Nashville. This event dates from the 1998th year.

To establish itself with the final version, Adams has appointed an advisory committee to search for the name. The chapter sets the task for him to find a vibrant version that reflects strength, courage, leadership, and other heroic qualities. After two seasons – December 22, 1998 – he announced that the team from next year would be called Titans. The selection was made from Tornadoes, Copperheads, South Stars, and Wranglers.

Tennessee Titans symbol

According to the club owner, this option fully meets his criteria: it is tied to the place and personifies masculinity. Indeed, compliance with the image of the city turned out to be 100 percent, as the people of Nashville call Athens of the South because of classical architecture, a full-scale copy of the Parthenon, and a huge number of universities.

Meaning and History

Tennessee Titans Logo History
Tennessee Titans Logo Evolution

The evolution of the Tennessee Titans logos directly reflects not only the history of the team but also local features. And all because their creators tried to emphasize the attachment to the terrain, which serves as a springboard for a sports career. In total, the franchise has seven graphic characters made in official colors – silver-gray, red, white, titanium blue, and dark blue.

1960 – 1961

Houston Oilers Logo 1960-1961

The concept of the debut logo is built on the oil business. The first version depicts a player in a sports uniform and a wide-brimmed hat instead of a helmet. He is dressed in cowboy boots with spurs. In the right-hand holds the ball a light brown color. The name of the team “OILERS” is written in white letters on the sweatshirt, which is located on the background of a large “GO,” a call to move forward. In the background of the emblem is a visible oil company.

1961 – 1968

Houston Oilers Logo 1961-1968

This version is based on the previous logo: it presents the same elements. The differences touched the details. For example, on the head of a brutal football player is now an oilman’s helmet instead of sweatpants – jeans. The figure is scaled and looks larger than on the previous logo. The color scheme was radically changed: golden disappeared, gray appeared, and dark blue became light.

1969 – 1971

Houston Oilers Logo 1969-1971

In 1969, a completely new graphic was used. The working helmet has turned into a sports helmet – it is well recognized on the head of the player’s collective image and made in monochrome, without unnecessary details. The only “decoration” is the oil rig, depicted in the same style: strict lines, precise geometry, and wide stripes.

1972 – 1979

Houston Oilers Logo 1972-1979

During this period, the team received an emblem of a different color, with a redesigned tower shape: in this version, it is elongated and narrowed at the top. All black lines of the football player’s head and helmet are blue. The drilling structure received a red-white color and a blue border.

1980 – 1996

Houston Oilers Logo 1980-1996

The logo introduced in the 1980th year is very concise: it depicts only an oil rig. All other elements are removed. The drilling structure is painted blue, through which white is visible through the background. It has two edging lines – white and red, which goes along the outer contour. The team liked the minimalism of the graphics, so the sign was in use for a long time.

1997 – 1998

Tennessee Oilers Logo 1997-1998

This period is the last 18 years of using the tower emblem, although the franchise retained it after moving to Tennessee. The changes made were insignificant: the logo appeared dusty colors, why the colors became muted.

1999 – present

Tennessee Titans Logo 1999-Present

In 1999, the team received a new name, which required rebranding, which also affected symbolism. Artists presented a wholly redesigned design. According to their idea, the logo contains the sun (white circle), three stars (as on the state flag of Tennessee), and a stylized “T” (the first letter in the name of the club). Flames curl after the ball – as if from a comet or solar flares. Due to the shadows, the letter looks voluminous. The colors used in the logo are white, metallic, red, navy, blue, and blue.