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The Terraria logo is fabulous and magical. Transfers to the arcade world with its nature and demonstrates the type of game and graphics to the user. The emblem invites you to become an explorer and getter, trying yourself in the role of Robinson Crusoe.

Terraria: Brand overview

Founded:May 16, 2011
United States

Terraria is a popular sandbox arcade game sold through Steam. It involves travel, exploring the world, creating the necessary tools and things, and battles. The Terraria logo combines versions for Linux, Mac OS, Windows, and iOS.

The first version, developed by Re-Logic in 2011 for Windows using Microsoft XNA, sold 200,000 copies in its first week of release. Two years later, the team introduced variations for consoles and programmers from Codeglue for iPhones. According to the plot, the player receives two tools (an ax and a pick) and finds himself in a bare wasteland, where he must, by extracting materials, build his world. The development of the arcade stopped in 2020.

Meaning and History

Terraria Logo History

The game’s logos are very consistent. Even if you change the version, the old emblem continues to be used on par with the new one. It’s all about a good idea for a sign that simply doesn’t make sense to change radically.

What is Terraria?

A super popular survival arcade game presented by a private American developer studio Re-Logic. For nine years, about 50 million copies have been sold. Allows the player to create their world from scratch.

2011 – today

Terraria Logo 2011

The emblem is a part of the playing field: the name is on the background of green grass, and in front of it is a tree. The image conveys the device of the world. Terraria has a lot of greenery. The player walks on a green surface. This is what the background of the logo reflects. For greater realism, blades of grass and flowers have been added to the upper surface. The background repeats the outlines of the inscription surrounding it.

All name letters are made in the form of tunnels dug in the ground. Most of the playing field is occupied by soil extending down from the top green cover. It contains stones, ore, and other “treasures” that the player can dig up using a hoe. In doing so, he creates underground tunnels. The letters represent these passages. And for greater similarity, elements of stones are added to some of them.

The tree before the name is maple. It fully reflects the trees in the game world. The participant can use it to extract timber. It is a symbol of good luck, prosperity, growth, and development. Two additional lower branches seem to invite you to climb up.

Depending on the world and the weather the user has chosen, the color of the logo and the details change. For example, a tree loses its leaves in winter, and in the desert, it is replaced by a cactus, etc.

2020 – today

Terraria Logo

By the game’s ninth anniversary, a major update, 1.4, was released called Terraria Journey’s End. The developers reported that this is the last version, and there will be no more versions. Along with the rewriting of many details and the appearance of the golf mode, the logo has also been slightly tweaked.

Its update is minor, completely preserving the image of the previous version. The main difference is in size. The emblem brightened and increased, gained contrast, and the grass cover became more fluffy.

Font and Colors

Terraria Emblem

The main colors of the logos are green and brown. They represent grass and earth.

  • Green – pleasing and soothing. Shows that life is flourishing in the arcade. It predicts a long future with many new versions.
  • Brown – conveys the stability and reliability of the program and codes. It is the color of the wealth that the game brings to its creators and the wealth acquired by the user in the game.

Terraria Symbol

The font is authentic and bold with jagged edges. The letters are reminiscent of the player’s basic tools. Rs look like hoes, and Ts look like an ax or pickaxe.

Terraria color codes

MalachiteHex color:#03e764
RGB:3 231 100
CMYK:99 0 57 9
Pantone:PMS 354 C
Burnt UmberHex color:#855c47
RGB:133 92 71
CMYK:0 31 47 48
Pantone:PMS 7525 C