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The designed TF2 logo is a stylized image of a sight. It looks like a modified sign of radiation but without a circle in the middle. The emblem is complemented by the “TEAM FORTRESS 2” lettering in white with wide brown outlines around each letter.

TF2: Brand overview

Founded:October 10, 2007
Washington, U.S.

The appearance of Team Fortress 2 was preceded by nine years of development, during which the game was remade several times. Initially, it was planned that it would be a standard military shooter with one commander who should lead his partners, but in the end, it turned out to be a version without a hierarchy. The essence of TF2 is based on teamwork. Each player can choose a character from over ten classes with their characteristics and join a close-knit squad to complete a common task.

The multiplayer shooter from Valve Corporation was announced in 1998 but was released only in 2007. It has been repeatedly supplemented in subsequent years, acquiring new maps, modes, and weapons. At the same time, the developer company practically did not change the graphics and surroundings, continuing to adhere to hypertrophied, expressive, and cartoonish stylization for retro spy films.

Meaning and History

TF2 Logo History

What is TF2?

TF2 is an acronym derived from the full name of Team Fortress 2. Valve Corporation released this 2007 game after nine years of development. The multiplayer shooter attracts more than a hundred thousand people daily and is one of the most popular products on Steam. It is based on the Half-Life and Quake mods, where the gameplay is built around the confrontation between two teams.

Valve’s Team Fortress (pre-release)

Valve's Team Fortress Logo

Team Fortress 2: Brotherhood of Arms (pre-release)

Team Fortress 2 Brotherhood of Arms Logo

2007 – today

Team Fortress 2 Logo

The logo has not changed since the game’s release: it looks the same as in 2007. It was based on two experimental emblems created before the official release of Team Fortress 2.

It is assumed that the author of the current TF2 logo is Valve Corporation because she was involved in all stages of the shooter’s development. The most memorable element of the identity is a symbol in the form of a stylized sight. It consists of four fragments in the form of curved trapezoids arranged in a circle. Each of them is painted in different shades of brown with a gradient. White stripes separate the constituent parts (at the edges) and a medium-sized circle (in the center).

The game’s full name is written in large white letters that refer to the bold sans-serif typeface. Wide brown shadows follow the outline of each glyph. They are shifted down to the right, creating the illusion of three-dimensionality. Between the words “TEAM” and “FORTRESS,” more precisely, right on the letters “M” and “F,” another improvised sight is depicted. It has the same configuration as the main sign but is reduced several times and repainted black without a gradient.

Since the gameplay of TF2 revolves around weapons, the main distinguishing feature of the shooter is the scope. But it does not have a classic look but looks like a heavily distorted radiation symbol. Negative white space between four colorful shapes forms the central circle and lines.

Font and Colors

TF2 Symbol

The “Team Fortress 2” name on the logo is in a font similar to Compacta Bold. It slightly resembles the Impact that Valve used for the logo of the Team Fortress Classic video game. All letters are capitalized and white, while an outline of orange with a brown gradient surrounds them. The large symbol shown below has the same palette. But the four fragments of the mini-sight are completely black.

TF2 Emblem

TF2 color codes

Dark GoldenrodHex color:#c0881c
RGB:192 136 28
CMYK:0 29 85 25
Pantone:PMS 131 C
RustHex color:#b34f1e
RGB:179 79 30
CMYK:0 56 83 30
Pantone:PMS 173 C
Smoky BlackHex color:#111010
RGB:17 16 16
CMYK:0 6 6 93
Pantone:PMS Black 6 C