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The Late Late Show logo is a captivating visual that features a square, symbolizing a window against a night sky. A large moon gazes through this window, rendered in turquoise, purple, blue, and azure hues, with blurred boundaries between colors. The foreground holds the title of the show in four rows, with emphasis on the word “Late,” making it larger than “The” and “Show.” The top row of text is dark, while the bottom row appears lighter due to the shadow cast by the central element.

The square window in the emblem serves multiple functions. It acts as a frame, focusing the viewer’s attention on the moon and the night sky, akin to how the show focuses on its guests and their stories. This window invites viewers into an alternate reality: humor, music, and meaningful conversation coalesce into memorable evenings.

The moon is an intriguing component of this emblem. The moon signifies different ideas like transition, potential, and even mystery in various cultures. This aligns well with the eclectic nature of the show, which offers a mix of interviews, performances, and comedic sketches. The moon’s blended colors add another layer of depth, echoing the show’s ability to traverse emotional and thematic spectra. One moment, it could have the audience in stitches; the next, it could offer profound insights into human nature.

The color scheme further contributes to the logo’s appeal. Turquoise could represent freshness, purple signifies creativity, blue stands for depth, and azure adds an element of surprise. These colors combine to encapsulate the show’s essence—lively, inventive, and full of unexpected moments.

Typography also plays a key role. The emphasis on the word “Late” accentuates the show’s timing and its unique appeal—offering a laid-back, late-night alternative to daytime talk shows. The contrasting colors between the upper and lower rows of text add a sense of dimension, mimicking the multi-layered experience that the show provides its viewers.

This logo stands out amongst the TV logos with its layering and rich symbolism. The Late Late Show doesn’t merely broadcast content; it offers a window into a unique world, a fact beautifully encapsulated by its emblem. This logo does more than represent the show—it embodies its dynamic spirit, diverse offerings, and knack for turning late-night TV into something equally thoughtful and entertaining.

The Late Late Show: Brand overview


Initiated in January 1995 as a follow-up to “The Late Show with David Letterman,” “The Late Late Show” has become a mainstay in American late-night television, broadcasted on the CBS network. It was conceived to continue the viewership momentum generated by Letterman’s show when he switched from NBC to CBS.

The program was first steered by Tom Snyder, whose tenure from 1995 to 1999 was characterized by in-depth interviews. Following him, Craig Kilborn took the reins between 1999 and 2004, shifting the focus towards humor.

Next came Craig Ferguson, serving from 2005 until 2014 and having the longest and most acclaimed run as host. Ferguson introduced a distinctive, off-the-cuff humor to the program.

James Corden succeeded Ferguson in 2015 and continued to host until 2023. His time on the show is marked by innovative segments that gained viral attention, such as “Carpool Karaoke,” which gave the show a surge in popularity.

“The Late Late Show” has seen various transformations under its four hosts: Snyder, Kilborn, Ferguson, and Corden. Each added a unique flavor to the program, with Ferguson and Corden significantly boosting its popularity. After being on air for over a quarter of a century, the show continues to be a significant part of the late-night television circuit in America.

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