The new Geely Auto logo: a design that repeats and improves

Geely Auto New Logo

The world is moving towards simplification. This is the trend Geely Auto has staked on, and it has updated its logo. It was unveiled in early 2023. It is a simple and flat sign that characterizes all the automobile company’s features: its history, concept, and even location.

The new emblem combines all the ideas reflected in past versions and conveys the brand’s desire for openness and a limitless future. It consists of a white shield that resembles a wide radiator grille composed of six parts. Each panel is separated by vertical and horizontal stripes that are painted to match the background.

The central element is placed in a blue gradient rectangle. The upper left corner is lighter than the lower right corner. And in some places, the border between shades is not smooth but sharp. At the bottom is the key detail – the company name. It is matched as much as possible to the “grid” style at the top. It has the same wide elongated letters with roundings on the outer corners. The color is also identical – white.

Geely Auto Logo Evolution

But these are more than just logo components: they contain the concept of consistency and continuity of generations moving confidently into the future.

The elevations are mountains, moving from one emblem to another until evolution brought them to the concept of the radiator grille.

The intermediate lines separating the geometric shapes were actually once gears. They have become the embodiment of the Chinese idiom “Everything will be smooth” (“liùliù dà shùn”), so smooth and sleek.

The blue color is an aspiration to reach the sky, a symbol not only of the boundless sky but also of the endless possibilities of a car manufacturer.

This way, the brand shows its authenticity and desire to grow, develop and produce perfect cars. At the same time, it looks back at the past without forgetting its roots.