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The thin and graceful emblem of the series speaks of noble heroes who dealt with the nobility and kings. The thin thread that connects the past and the future is the blood that gives immortality. The Vampire Diaries logo hints at sophisticated feelings that hurt the heart.

The Vampire Diaries: Brand overview

Founded:September 10, 2009 – March 10, 2017
Founder:Kevin Williamson, Julie Plec
United States
The Vampire Diaries is an American-made television series created by Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec based on the book series of the same name by writer Lisa Jane Smith. Filmed in the genres of fantasy, horror, and drama, it tells about supernatural teenagers. His popularity grew so high that upon release, he and his characters became a media franchise that today includes comics, novels, web series, and other telework. In addition, the film project was nominated for many awards, received the People’s Choice Awards four times and the Teen Choice Awards several times. In total, it has eight seasons. The first episode premiered in September 2009. The final season was released in March 2017.

Meaning and History

The Vampire Diaries Logo History

The events of the series take place in the fictitious town of Mystic Falls, allegedly in the state of Virginia. It harbors a supernatural secret involving a teenager named Elena Gilbert, played by actress Nina Dobrev. The protagonist’s parents were killed in a car accident. Further, in the film, a love drama consists of a triangle: a girl and two vampire brothers. They protect Elena from various threats, confront villains, and save the city. The story unfolds in the form of memories.

In addition to the complex relationship of the trinity, there are also many accompanying plots related to the environment of the main characters. In addition, the topic of the council of elders of the city is revealed, the descendants of whose representatives have long been opposed to ghosts, witches, magicians, werewolves, vampires, and other evil spirits. The pilot episodes were filmed in Vancouver (British Columbia), the main ones in Covington, Georgia.

At first, Kevin Williamson was not interested in the series, as he felt that he was very corny and echoed the famous film project Twilight. However, Julie Plec convinced him, forcing him to read the same name book. Therefore, in the winter of 2009, the CW TV channel approved the presented material and officially ordered the first season next spring. After high ratings, the management entered into a cooperation to continue filming.

Williamson and Plec were appointed producers, writers, and directors. Under their leadership, the scenery was made, locations were chosen, screensavers and emblems were drawn. There are two of them – in black and white, as the personification of the dark and light side in the series. The first symbolizes Katherine Pierce, the second – Elena Gilbert, played by the same actress.

Font and Colors

The Vampire Diaries Emblem

The logo is made in a text style with a minimum of graphic elements. The central detail is the television series title, spread over two lines. The upper one is occupied by the word “Vampire,” with the article “the” written in small lowercase letters. The bottom row is completely reserved for the “Diaries” type with the same typeface. The letters are thin, even, grotesque, with accent first characters (they are uppercase, the rest are lowercase).

The basic letter “V” is made. Its left side is higher than the right and is braided with a narrow red ribbon, from which a drop of blood hangs. Thin curled line with wide loop-like elements. It stretches to the right in a long curved strip but does not reach the very edge. The signs are white, cold, which is emphasized by a black background where they are located. In the second version, the base, on the contrary, is white, and the inscriptions are painted in an intense black shade.

This contrast creates the necessary drama because he prevails in the film. Tellingly, the lowercase letter “i” has a dot in none of the logo variants. It’s like a hint that not everything is so simple, and not every supernatural story ends – they have an open ending that can be continued indefinitely as long as long-lived vampires exist in a parallel world.

The Vampire Diaries Symbol

The inscription on the headpiece and in the emblem is made with the Helvetica Light typeface – thin, simple, smooth, chopped. The only thing that distinguishes it from the classic version is the “V” elongated on one side, reminiscent of a standard checkmark.

The color palette consists of the traditional mix of “dramatic” colors: black, white, and red. They symbolize a keen relationship at the height of feelings. In addition, red is the personification of blood, which is inextricably linked with the theme of vampires.

The Vampire Diaries color codes

RedHex color:#be1c31
RGB:190 28 49
CMYK:0 85 74 25
Pantone:PMS 1795 C
Raisin BlackHex color:#242223
RGB:36 34 35
CMYK:0 6 3 86
Pantone:PMS Neutral Black C