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The Village Logo, at first glance, may seem like a straightforward design, but it subtly utilizes typography as a form of artistic expression. Set against a clean, white background, the black wordmark stands out, embodying an aura of modernity through its color minimalism.

In the emblem, the designers experiment with the types as images, crafting a bold visual language unique to the logo. The primary font, a no-nonsense sans-serif typeface, is paired with two specially designed letters – “I” and “E.” These unique iterations inject a sense of playfulness while maintaining an air of authority.

The “E” boasts an elongated tip that culminates in a point, bearing a resemblance to a smile, while the “I” stands in italics, breaking the stern lines of “V” and “L.” These small yet significant touches create a dynamic interplay between the letters, bringing a touch of whimsy to an otherwise austere design.

The elegance and simplicity of this emblem Village suggest a brand that is both contemporary and forward-thinking. Its boldness represents the confidence that the brand holds. At the same time, its playful elements could indicate a company that doesn’t take itself too seriously, hinting at a welcoming and relatable approach to its audience.

The Village: Brand overview


The Village, a Russian internet newspaper, emerged in 2010 with the initial concept of a city blog, taking readers on a virtual tour through the vibrant social and cultural scenes of Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Kyiv.

The online platform swiftly grew into a digital hub, hosting a range of topics from city services to gourmet destinations, societal issues to entertainment. Through its diverse content, it provides readers with a comprehensive view of city life, making it a popular go-to source for urban dwellers and enthusiasts alike.

Meaning and History

The Village Logo History

The brand identity of The Village is modern, dynamic, and connected. The logo, the name spelled out in a clean, contemporary typeface, is as straightforward and engaging as the stories it shares. The black and white color scheme used in the logo and throughout its digital platforms underscores its commitment to delivering clear and unbiased news and features.

The tagline, “Жизнь как она есть” or “Life as it is,” encapsulates the brand’s ethos. It underscores its commitment to authenticity, providing a truthful and thorough depiction of urban life in all its complexities. This devotion to presenting unfiltered, genuine content resonates strongly with readers, amplifying its relevance and appeal.

The Village emblem stands as a testament to authenticity, dynamism, and unwavering dedication to showcasing the true essence of city living.

What is The Village?

The Village is a Russian urban digital publication established in 2010. It provides localized content across multiple Russian cities, covering various topics, including local news, lifestyle, cultural events, reviews, and listings of restaurants, shops, and entertainment. The publication is known for its community-focused approach, engaging city residents in dialogue about urban life and development. The Village has become a popular source of information and a platform for discussing city life and local issues in Russia.

2010 – 2018

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2018 – today

The Village Logo

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