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Designers created a simple and versatile Thomson Reuters logo, which does not readily reveal the nature of the company’s business. However, it reflects its historical connection with the Reuters Group agency and symbolizes the all-encompassing flow of information needed by professionals.

Thomson Reuters: Brand overview

Founded:April 17, 2008
Founder:The Woodbridge Company
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Thomson Reuters provides financial and legal information, market data, analytical tools, and more, helping clients make the right decisions. The company emerged in 2008 when the Canadian publishing house Thomson Corporation acquired the British agency Reuters Group, which was in a difficult financial situation at the time. Its headquarters is located in the Bay Adelaide Center in Toronto, and it also has offices and representatives in various countries around the world.

Meaning and History

Thomson Reuters Logo History

The roots of the Thomson Reuters logo trace back to the emblem of the Reuters news agency because it was from there that the designers borrowed the idea of multiple dots. It all started in 1965 when Alan Fletcher of the newly formed Crosby/Fletcher/Forbes partnership created a wordmark for the news service consisting of 87 black dots, inspired by the holes in teletype tape—a popular device for transmitting messages at the time. In 1996, the company Enterprise IG added a round symbol to the inscription, visually divided into two parts. One half (with orange dots) represented the day, and the other (with white dots) represented the night. Three years later, it made the letters solid, as the “perforated” word was poorly displayed on screens.

In 2008, Reuters was acquired by the Thomson publishing house. The newly formed corporation was named Thomson Reuters and got an original logo where the orange dots formed a large circular whirl. It was designed by the consulting agency Interbrand and introduced on April 18, 2008. Users joked that the emblem looked as if Reuters had bought Thomson, not the other way around. In the original version, the symbol consisted of 108 dots of different sizes, but after the redesign, their number was reduced to 76. This interesting fact was shared by the company’s representatives on social media in 2018.

What is Thomson Reuters?

Thomson Reuters is a Canadian company that emerged in 2008 when Thomson Corporation incorporated the Historic Reuters Group agency. It’s a global source of data, news, and analytical tools for those working in finance, including banks, insurance organizations, funds, and investment firms. It is a key player in the information industry.

2008 – today

Thomson Reuters Logo

The Thomson Reuters logo consists of two parts: a restrained gray inscription and an orange whirl. The latter is formed by multiple orange circles of different sizes, arranged one after another, forming five concentric rings. The moving dots symbolize the merging of knowledge and information, as this is precisely what the company deals with.

The gray brand name, located on the right, visually balances the bright and chaotic graphic sign. At the same time, the uppercase letters with rounded corners harmonize well with the round forms of the other elements of the emblem.

Font and Colors

The same font – Locator from Process Type Foundry – is used on the Thomson Reuters website and logo. Only for the wordmark, some letters were slightly modified: designers needed to remove corners to visually soften the inscription. The resulting version is approximately similar to Neo Sans Medium, created by Sebastian Lester.

The orange-gray palette of the emblem is very successful, as the strictness of one color restrains the excessive fervor and brightness of the other. By the way, the orange color of the dots did not appear just like that – it was taken from the Reuters agency emblem.

Thomson Reuters color codes

Neon GrayHex color:#827f80
RGB:130 127 128
CMYK:0 2 2 49
Pantone:PMS Cool Gray 8 C
PumpkinHex color:#ff7000
RGB:255 112 0
CMYK:0 56 100 0
Pantone:PMS Bright Orange C