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Thule: Brand overview

Thule is a well-known Swedish company specializing in sports and cargo equipment for cars. The company was founded in 1942 in Malmö, Sweden, and its initial product range included kayak paddles and fishing nets.

Over the years, Thule has built a strong reputation for its diverse product range, including roof racks, roof boxes, bike racks, cargo carriers, strollers, and various accessories for cars and outdoor sports. The company’s significant achievements in this field include a number of key innovations, such as the development of the first roof box in 1960, a roof rack system with retractable rails in 1978, and the first bicycle rack in 1981.

Thule products are available worldwide and are sold under such well-known brands as Thule, Case Logic, SportRack, and Yakima, which came under Thule’s control after their acquisition. The company operates factories around the world, in Connecticut (USA), Shanghai (China), and Beloit (Canada), to meet the needs of its customers worldwide.

One of Thule’s core competencies is product testing, which includes rigorous crash and climate chamber testing to ensure products meet the highest standards of safety and durability. Thule also sponsors numerous sports partnerships and professional athletes, reinforcing its image of an active lifestyle.

As of 2021, Thule has more than 2,600 employees spread around the world and sales of SEK 8.5 billion. From humble beginnings, Thule has played a key role in shaping the mainstream automotive accessories industry, particularly through its revolutionary luggage racks and boxes.

Meaning and History

Thule Logo History

What is Thule?

Founded in 1942, Thule Group AB, based in Malmö, Sweden, is committed to helping its customers transport their equipment safely and effortlessly, allowing them to enjoy their dynamic lifestyles fully. With more than 4,700 sales outlets in 136 countries, Thule offers a wide range of outdoor and transportation products, from car carriers to outdoor equipment and storage solutions.

1996 – today

Thule Logo 1996-present

1996 – today

Thule Logo

Although Thule is based in Sweden, there is nothing Scandinavian about its logo. Even the font doesn’t mimic runes; it’s standard: very bold sans-serif with strokes of almost equal thickness. The only notable detail is the connection of the letters “L” and “E” at the bottom – a symbol indicating the incredible durability and reliability of the brand’s backpacks, suitcases, holders, and other products. On the lintel between these two glyphs is the word “SWEDEN” written in cursive. It is colored black, while the Thule name is completely white.

The logo is reminiscent of a firm handshake, strong and secure. The connection of the “L” and “E” is like a small but neat friendship bracelet that says, “We stick together.” The “SWEDEN” part seems to let you know where the company is from without shouting it out loud. The black and white colors are reminiscent of a classic old movie – simple but always eye-catching.

Thule color codes

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