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Tinder Logo

Tinder Logo
Tinder Logo PNG

Tinder is an online dating platform developed by Hatch Labs in 2012. It is an application that allows Facebook users to go beyond their usual social circle. It is designed only for those who account on a social network and select people based on geolocation. The service is partially monetized: paid services appeared in March 2015.

Meaning and History

Tinder Logo History
Tinder Logo Evolution

The popular dating program has long been associated with fire – and not just because the word “tinder” means flammable material. It’s all about the icon, which depicts the silhouette of a flame. It also appears on the official logo: at first, this symbol was part of the inscription, and then it became an independent element, like the Nike Swoosh.

2012 – 2017

Tinder Logo 2012-2017

The first logo of a dating app contains its name in lowercase letters. The designers used an elegant, rounded typeface but moved away from the classics. They relied on unusual shapes, so “t” lacks the left side of the horizontal stroke, above “i” instead of a point, a flame is drawn, “n” resembles an inverted “u,” “d” looks like an “o” with a vertical line, transverse the strip inside “e” is beveled and “r” has no corners on the fold.

2017 – present

Tinder Logo 2017-present

In the summer of 2017, the dating platform introduced a new logo. He, too, has a spark: the developers left the flame as the main symbol of Tinder. Only now, this sign has been transferred from the status of “replacing a dot over i” into the status of an independent element and placed it to the left of the inscription.

The font has changed too. The creators of the logo decided not to experiment, so they chose a classic sans serif typeface. The former left only the rounded shape of the letters so that the word “tinder” would not seem like something alien. The final touch was the renewal of the palette: the designers used a dark gray, almost black color for the inscription, and a pink-orange gradient for the silhouette of the flame.


Tinder Emblem

Tinder spark needs no introduction. Facebook users who are familiar with the dating application know very well what this symbol refers to. Therefore, the 2017 redesign led to the fact that the flame finally separated from the word and acquired an unusual graphic design.

The program had a spark-shaped icon before, but then it was completely orange and looked completely different. After 2017, she began to be depicted more rounded, with sharp points and a gradient texture. The pink color (bottom) smoothly turns into orange (top), which creates not only a reflection, like a real fire but also a 3D effect. In this case, the change in shades looks like the movement of a flame.

In the old version, the minimalistic icon served as a dot over the letter “i”. Now it has become synonymous with the Tinder app – you don’t even need an inscription to understand what the symbol refers to. As for the meaning of the flame, there are several versions of this, and they are all related to the program’s functionality.

The word “tinder” means an object that catches fire even from caviar. Here metaphorical symbolism can be traced: the fire of the soul, ardent passion, inciting new relationships. All these associations fit into the dating platform concept and explain why the silhouette of a flame appeared on the logo, and not another abstract drawing.

Font and Colors

Tinder Symbol

The font for the old and new Tinder emblems is completely different. The first case looks bright and non-standard; in the second, it looks more classic. In the latest version, as before, the letters have no serifs.

The choice of the palette is symbolic. Designers preferred orange, which refers to the chakra associated with the energy of creativity and sexual attraction. After a 2017 redesign, they diluted it with shades of pink to create a smooth gradient.