Top 20 Baseball Logos

Top 20 Baseball Logos

After watching American movies, baseball is associated with strong team spirit and support. Think of the uniforms of players, cheerleaders, and mascots with a variety of stripes. They all use baseball team logos to keep fans interested. Emblems are used as stripes on clothing, player uniforms, flags, and other souvenirs. Logos often symbolize not only a team with a long history but entire cities, states, or regions. They are undeniably recognizable, which helps to grab the fans’ attention.

What is the Top 20 Baseball Logos?

This is a ranking of the top 20 MLB logos. The top ten includes symbols for New York Yankees (NY emblem), Toronto Blue Jays (1977-1996), St Louis Cardinals (STL emblem), Kansas City Royals (1969-1992), Detroit Tigers (Old English D), Milwaukee Brewers ( 1978-1993), Oakland Athletics (1971-1982), Cincinnati Reds, Boston Red Sox and even the Major League Baseball graphic (“Batter”).

After analyzing our selection, you can see that most teams use a combination of red, blue, and white. The color palette symbolizes impulsiveness, but at the same time gives confidence and reliability, thanks to the blue color. Red increases heart rate and breathing, making fans empathize with the team.

20 Baltimore Orioles 1966-1991

Baltimore Orioles 1966-1991 Logo

The team logo from the 1966-1991 period is still a favorite among fans. In 1966, the team first used a cartoon bird holding a bat. The period is considered the most successful in the team’s history; since then, the Baltimore Orioles won the World Series three times.

The team got its name in honor of a small black and orange bird that lives in North America – the Baltimore Oriole. It is used as a symbol for the Baltimore Orioles and has appeared on all logos. The bird is placed inside an orange circle with the team name inside it.

19 Minnesota Twins: TC emblem

Minnesota Twins headwear TC Logo

The team logo consists of the letters TS, which can be deciphered as “Twin Cities.” Named after two cities: Minneapolis and Saint Paul. A simple yet striking emblem is eye-catching. Graphic elements are harmoniously combined, creating a readable logo. The letters are white and red against a blue background, creating an attractive contrast.
Now the emblem is used on hats or as a patch on clothing. It was the main logo of the team from 1961 to 1986.

18 Los Angeles Dodgers: LA emblem

Los Angeles Dodgers headwear LA Logo

Los Angeles Dodgers is a baseball legend founded back in 1883. The team’s logo has remained virtually unchanged since 1958, and the emblem is one of the most recognizable in the world of sports. The harmonious combination of blue and white makes it balanced and unobtrusive. Using a color palette is associated with reliability. The emblem can often be seen on caps or merchandise. It also perfectly complements the team players’ uniforms.

17 San Francisco Giants: SF emblem

San Francisco Giants headwear SF Logo 1951

The SF logo is the perfect blend of detail, color, and type. The team’s basic color palette is used: black and orange. The letters SF stand out on a black background. To create them, the same font was used as for the Giant’s inscription in the logo (it is impossible not to notice the identity of the S letters). It took a long time to create the perfect logo. Since 1958, designers have made minor adjustments. The font and color saturation changed, but the idea of ​​the emblem remained the same.

16 California Angels Halo-ed “A” 1972-1988

California Angels Halo-ed A logo 1972-1988

The professional baseball club logo from this period was the founding father of the modern version. The balanced combination of colors and elements was a success for the team. But in 1995, the team dropped the A logo and only returned to it in 2002. The dominant colors are red and blue, favorites among baseball teams. The yellow halo around “A” is a good reference to the team name.

15 Minnesota Twins Minnie and Paul

Minnesota Twins Minnie and Paul logo 1961-1975

The baseball team we already know has not only a good emblem but also an equally striking logo. Minnie and Paul are personifications of the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. There are additional details on the logo: the Mississippi River, a bridge, and a baseball. The idea behind the logo is to showcase the unity between cities through the twins’ handshake. Illustrator Ray Barton created the logo for $ 15. The team made only one change to the image: they added inscriptions on T-shirts concerning the twin cities.

14 New York Mets

New York Mets primary logo

The New York Mets logo is one of the most successful in the history of sports. It was created in 1962 by illustrator Ray Gotto. Since that time, the logo has remained practically unchanged, except for minor adjustments, for example, the abandonment of the tiny abbreviation NY. It consists of several elements and a good color palette: blue, orange, and white. The logo is a baseball with the silhouette of New York and the Mets team’s name inside. The successful combination of elements is not subject to time and new trends in logo design.

13 Chicago Cubs

Chicago Cubs primary logo

The 1957-1978 team logo was very successful and minimalistic, which perfectly matches modern trends. The combination of red, white, and blue colors made the image moderately bright and attractive. The team is now using a modified version of the old logo, making the font and lines bold and the colors more saturated. The baseball club has often experimented with logo variations throughout its history to find the perfect fit.

12 Montreal Expos 1969-2004

Montreal Expos primary logo 1969-2004

The clever use of colors and details makes the Montreal Expos baseball team logo memorable. The capital letter “M” immediately catches the eye and is depicted using three colors: red, white, and blue. You can also see the letter “e” highlighted in red and “b” in blue if you look closely. After moving from Canada to Washington DC, the team uses a revamped logo with many details.

11 St Louis Cardinals

St Louis Cardinals primary logo

The team’s logo consists of their symbol – a red bird sitting on a bat. The Cardinal has been featured in every image throughout the team’s history. Some variants consisted of a pair of birds, but the main idea is still preserved. The flamboyant Cardinal attracts attention. Over time, it became more detailed, and some elements changed: the color of the beak and eyes. The letter “C” from the team name seems to be suspended slightly, making the image more balanced.

10 Major League Baseball “Batter”

Major League Baseball silhouetted batter Logo

Jerry Dior created the famous Major League Baseball logo in 1968. He was asked to create a logo to commemorate the 1969 centenary of professional baseball. The logo depicts Harmon Killebrew by many guesses, but the player’s silhouette was created in several ways, as stated by the illustrator. The image is still used today by teams who sometimes change red and blue to their club colors.

9 Boston Red Sox

Boston Red Sox primary logo

The baseball team logo fully reflects its name. Red socks have been famous all over the world since 1924. Over time, illustrators and designers have added some detail to the famous logo, but since 2009, the team has abandoned graphic details. Now the team name is not even indicated on the logo due to its high recognition in sports.

8 Cincinnati Reds

Cincinnati Reds wishbone C logo

The baseball team chose the name of the club as a logo rather than symbols or mascots. The ideal shape of the letter “C” is pleasing to the eye, and the combination of colors makes the image more dynamic. In the 40s, the team performed with three colors: blue, red, and white. During this period, the Cincinnati Reds won the World Series, so the logo is synonymous with success. Now, instead of blue, black is used, creating a shadow and three-dimensional image.

7 Oakland Athletics 1971-1982

Oakland Athletics primary logo 1971-1981

Get ready for an explosion of vibrant colors! The only logo in our collection that doesn’t use blue or red. As with the previous team, the logo is associated with success due to the World Series’s victory in 1971-1974. You can see the A’s (as the Oakland Athletics team is often called), white sneakers with green laces. All details are placed inside the baseball using yellow and green colors.

6 Milwaukee Brewers “Ball in Glove” 1978-1993

Milwaukee Brewers Ball in Glove primary logo 1978-1993

In 1977, the team decided to hold a competition to change their logo. The participants had to create an image that would look equally good on small and large things or places. The winner was Tom Meindel, who designed the famous blue-gloved baseball that soon became a fan favorite. Even though the team does not use the image in their activities now, it will remain the most recognizable in its history.

5 Detroit Tigers Old English D

Detroit Tigers Old English D Logo

The baseball team’s emblem in the old “D” symbolizes the history of the club. It is used on players’ uniforms and headwear. A unique font, serifs at the ends have turned an ordinary letter into a strong symbol. Fans think this emblem is perfect for a baseball team. Designers experimented with images several times but ultimately opted for the letter and only changed weights and fonts over the decades.

4 Kansas City Royals 1969-1992

Kansas City Royals primary logo 1969-1992

The elegant Kansas City Royals logo is the foundation of the baseball team’s signature. The logo was to be designed by Hallmark Cards. Fifteen artists worked to create the image, with Shannon Manning the winner. She harmoniously used all the trends of that period: geometry, bright colors, and laconicism. The logo, designed by the artist, became the basis for all modern versions and received minor changes over the years.

3 St Louis Cardinals: STL emblem

St Louis Cardinals headwear STL Logo

If you remember the logo in the form of a red cardinal on a baseball bat, then you will agree that the team’s emblem is its laconic addition. The three main letters’ interlacing is made in white with a blue frame on a red background. Many Hall of Fame members have worn the emblem, which enhances its status in the fans’ eyes. In 2020, the team changed the image a bit, and the designers made the outer blue line a little thinner.

2 Toronto Blue Jays 1977-1996

Toronto Blue Jays primary logo 1977-1996

The team’s logo in 1977-1996 is considered the most successful in the team’s history. In 2020, the Toronto Blue Jays decided to return to the iconic image, which is well received by fans. The logo of that period displays the main elements: name, country of origin, and symbol. A bright combination of white, blue, and red is used.

1 New York Yankees: NY emblem

New York Yankees interlocking NY logo

Even those who don’t know baseball at all have heard of the New York Yankees. The famous emblem was designed by Tiffany & Co back in 1877. The team still uses the logo. The image has witnessed the team’s meteoric rise and numerous victories. The minimalistic emblem with a laconic font does not lose popularity and is uniquely suited to modern trends.

What is the best logo in baseball?

According to a recent online poll, the Toronto Blue Jays logo was named the best in Major League Baseball. This symbol was popular in the early 2000s and is now back in fashion.

How many MLB logos are there?

Major League Baseball has 30 teams, which means there are only 30 main logos in a professional sports organization (not counting MLB’s symbol).

What baseball team has a star as a logo?

The Houston Astros logo features an orange five-pointed star. At Philadelphia Phillies, two small stars replace the dots above the “i.” The Seattle Mariners have a four-pointed star stylized as a compass needle. And at Tampa Bay Rays, the six-pointed star looks like a flash of light. The Texas Rangers and the Washington Nationals have two stars that share the franchise name. The New York Yankees have four stars on their hat.

What MLB team has the oldest logo?

As of 2021, the oldest logo of all MLB teams is now used by the New York Yankees. Their graphic sign was created in 1968.