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The Top Gun logo is widely recognizable thanks to the popularity of the movie. It embodies the energy, skill, and outstanding abilities of military pilots and is also associated with aviation and the United States Navy. This emblem has become an icon of the film industry, symbolizing elite pilot training.

Top Gun: Brand overview

Founded:1986, 2022
Founder:Paramount Pictures
United States

Since the first Top Gun movie was released in 1986, its creators couldn’t rely on advanced computer graphics. Director Tony Scott attached cameras to real F-14 and MiG-28 planes. All the stunts and elements of air combat were real. These scenes were so popular with Americans that in 1986, the Navy’s numbers increased by 500%. Recruitment offices were opened near movie theaters to catch exciting viewers who were impressed by the action movie. When the sequel titled Top Gun: Maverick was filmed, its creators received permission from the Department of Defense to use military aviation on the condition that Tom Cruise would not pilot a fighter. This film broke all box office records for the Hollywood actor and became the highest-grossing release of 2022.

Meaning and History

Top Gun Logo History

Each movie in the military pilots’ franchise has its own logo. They share a common design: the inscription “TOP GUN,” surrounded by horizontal lines that imitate wings. This title was inspired by the U.S. Navy Strike Fighter Tactics Instructor program, also known as Top Gun, which ran until 1996 at one of the U.S. Naval Air Stations. In turn, the wing stylization is linked to the classic shape of the United States Armed Forces aviation badges. Crew members receive them after training and certification. Unlike real badges, blockbuster emblems have a simplified appearance. They are adapted to the modern mass market because they promote products and souvenirs associated with the media franchise.

What is Top Gun?

Top Gun is a franchise based on the eponymous 1986 action movie. The original film was inspired by an article from California magazine and filmed by American producers Jerry Bruckheimer and Don Simpson. It tells the story of pilot Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, who entered the United States Navy aviation school. In 2022, the sequel to the blockbuster titled Top Gun: Maverick was released. Tom Cruise played the leading role in both films.


Top Gun Logo 1986

The logo of the original movie contains the blue phrase “TOP GUN,” set in bold uppercase letters. The angular shape of the letters is combined with a pattern of horizontal stripes, which are stylized wings. They symbolize the ease of flight, freedom, and pilots’ skill. The bottom line underscores the inscription and is divided in the middle by a five-pointed star. Stars are often used in US military symbolism because they reflect patriotism and service to the country. The top stripes are harmoniously integrated into the action movie’s title: they connect with the first “T” and the last “N.” And under each of them, there are three red lines. All parallels vary in length and have oblique ends. The blue-red color scheme and some elements are a nod to the United States flag.


Top Gun Logo

The logo for the 2022 movie is slightly different. In this version, under “TOP GUN” is the word “MAVERICK,” made in uppercase bold font with rounded corners. Even lower is a star on two short rectangles. The lines, imitating wings, have become wider. The cut shape of the upper strips, which are connected with the letters, has changed: now their ends are inclined in the opposite direction. Because of the dark shadows, all elements seem three-dimensional. The silver-gray gradient reminds of the color of carbon steel, and subdued shades of blue with uneven spots symbolize the sky.

Font and Colors

Glyphs with an individual designs were developed for the inscriptions on the movie logo. The font of the phrase “TOP GUN” is characterized by solidity and angularity. It is similar to the typeface ITC Machine, created by Bonder & Carnase, Inc. It may also have been influenced by Dex Gothic from URW. The word “MAVERICK” is typed in a sans-serif font, which shares common features with RB No 2.1, Eurostle Bold Condensed, and Compacta.

The combination of red and blue in the 1986 emblem is a reference to the US flag. The 2022 version uses a color scheme dominated by different shades of gray and blue. The gradient and graininess effect gives the image depth.

Top Gun color codes

Sea BlueHex color:#366c89
RGB:54 108 137
CMYK:61 21 0 46
Pantone:PMS 7707 C
Slate GrayHex color:#687b8c
RGB:104 123 140
CMYK:26 12 0 45
Pantone:PMS 5415 C