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Total Linhas Aereas: Brand overview

Brazilian airline Total Linhas Aéreas was created in 1988 by Grupo Sulista, a local holding company based in Curitiba, Brazil. That same year, the airline began operating flights linking Curitiba with São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro using a modest fleet of Embraer turboprop aircraft.

In the 1990s, Total expanded its services to more Brazilian destinations. The company even went international, opening flights to neighboring countries Paraguay, Argentina, and Bolivia.

By 2001, the airline underwent a rebranding process and became VRSA Linhas Aéreas, focusing on serving domestic routes throughout Brazil.

In the following years, VRSA sought to modernize its fleet through the acquisition of regional jets. This move was aimed at increasing competition with larger Brazilian airlines. However, financial difficulties led to a temporary cessation of operations in 2007-2008. Even after resuming operations, the airline continued to struggle with mounting debt.

In 2010, VRSA was forced to stop flying and eventually declared bankruptcy. This marked the end of more than two decades of operation and the collapse of one of Brazil’s largest regional carriers.

In its heyday in the 1990s, Total was known for connecting less-served Brazilian cities and operating unique international routes throughout the Southern Cone region. Despite its initial success, increased competition in the market eventually led to its collapse.

Meaning and History

Total Linhas Aereas Logo History

1988 – today

Total Linhas Aereas Logo

The Total Linhas Aereas logo has one notable element – the letter “O,” part of the first word. It is the same black color as the letters “T,” “A,” and “L,” but within it are red and white stripes that form a shape resembling the letter “S.” The other two words of the airline name are located at the bottom, rolled up, aligned on the right edge and colored in red. To design the inscription, the designers used different variants of italic sans-serif fonts: the first line is bold and partially rounded, and the second line is thin and clear.

The unique design of the letter “O” with red and white stripes serves as a visual focal point, adding complexity and interest to the monochromatic text. The use of various italicized sans-serif fonts gives the text sophistication and style, which is in keeping with the aesthetics that an airline should display. The red color in the small text at the bottom and inside of the “O” signifies urgency and passion, qualities that are associated with the travel and aviation industries.