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The Toyo Tires logo symbolizes tranquility, smoothness, and harmony. The emblem represents a modern company that has achieved impressive scale and development levels by implementing new technologies.

Toyo Tires: Brand overview

Founded:August 1, 1945
Founder:Rikimatsu Tomihisa
Itami, Hyogo, Japan

Toyo Tires is a Japanese manufacturer of wheels and tires for special equipment, passenger cars, and trucks, with a revenue of $30 billion. The company sells products in 100 countries, with the largest consumer being the United States. Production facilities are located in America, Japan, China, and Malaysia.

Meaning and History

Toyo Tires Logo History

The old and new company logos are significantly different. The use of the English language in the first emblem points to the manufacturer’s ambitions. The company initially aimed for global sales and exports. The US office opened in 1966, which indirectly suggests the emergence of the emblem in the 1960s. Gradually, the company transitioned to a more contemporary visual identity, closer in spirit to a global corporation.

What is Toyo Tires?

A Japanese multinational corporation that manufactures rubber products. The main focus is on tires for transport and special equipment. The company has eight factories in Asia and America, generating $2.5 billion in net profit.


Toyo Tires Old Logo

The first logo consisted of a portrait of a samurai, a large arrow on which the brand name was written, and an inscription in English stating that the tires were made using advanced technology.

Using a portrait of a Japanese warrior dressed in traditional clothing and with weapons behind him points to the values characteristic of samurai, which the company strives to adhere to in its activities. Loyalty to the cause, fair decision-making, and courage to continue working despite competition, difficulties, and problems.

It is possible that the corporation’s name uses the original name of the samurai Yoshida Tōyō, who in 1853 was appointed head of his domain for its reformation and modernization. His image embodies leadership, wise management, and the pursuit of new modern technologies.

The impression is reinforced by the arrow, in which the name is inscribed. In the logo, it points to the portrait of the samurai.

Also, Toyo in Japanese means wealth, abundance, prosperity, and fertility. Therefore, it predicts a happy future for the newly established company.


Toyo Tires Logo 1970s

2007 – today

Toyo Tires Logo

In 2007, the first factory outside of Japan and the USA was opened. This significant event, combined with the expansion of the US market through the acquisition of Nitto Tire and increased brand recognition through sports sponsorship, was complemented by a new visual identity.

The emblem had to represent a multinational corporation on a global scale, requiring a more formal and simple identity. A symbol is suitable for different subsidiaries and continents. Hence, the modern logo consists of the abbreviated name Toyo Tires in blue color, without any drawings or figures.

The bold capital letters fully reflect the idea of scale and growth. A slight forward tilt of the inscription complements the impression, emphasizing the theme of movement and cutting-edge technology.

Font and Colors

In Japan, the blue color conveys tranquility and purity. The company conducts business honestly, fully complying with the law, and not participating in any schemes. Business is conducted calmly and smoothly. This meaning is embedded in the choice of the logo’s shade. The European association of blue as the color of the sky complements this, speaking of ascent to Olympus and elevation. It indicates far-reaching plans and dreams. The blue shade represents technology and manufacturing.

The font resonates with Antique Olive Nord Italic. The smooth and straight glyphs indicate a smooth ride with the company’s tires.

Toyo Tires color codes

Bright Navy BlueHex color:#1a69bc
RGB:26 105 188
CMYK:60 0 23 0
Pantone:PMS 285 C