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The Tripadvisor logo looks into the distance and collects all the useful information for those who are going on a trip. The emblem guarantees wise advice and feedback on a variety of tourist spots. The sign invites you to select locations using the site.

Tripadvisor: Brand overview

Founded:February 2000
Founder:Stephen Kaufer, Langley Steinert
Needham, Massachusetts, U.S.
Tripadvisor is the world’s largest travel information platform to help you plan your trips with millions of reviews on cruises, airlines, restaurants, and hotels. Founded in 2000, it publishes user-generated content in 25 languages ​​and operates in 45 countries.

Meaning and History

Tripadvisor Logo History

Tripadvisor has an unusual mascot: a little owl nicknamed Ollie. Since 2000, it has been part of the logo and is considered a recognizable symbol of the tourism industry. Designers have changed their appearance only once to keep branding in line with current global trends.

What is Tripadvisor?

Tripadvisor is a U.S. travel operator that owns individual websites, mobile applications, and online agencies. It has several brands that are managed from its headquarters in Needham, Massachusetts. The founders of the service are Thomas Palka, Nick Shanny, Langley Steinert, and Stephen Kaufer.

2000 – 2020

TripAdvisor Logo 2000-2020

Tripadvisor users forever remembered the first version of the logo: an owl with colorful pupils looked like it was going on a completely different journey. And this made it popular, not only in the Internet space but also in real life, because many establishments posted an unusual drawing at the check-in counters and on the windows.

The bird’s eyes consisted of two circles, making it look like it was looking through binoculars. Such associations are very symbolic, considering that the service provides travel and company search services trustworthy. To the right of the image was the inscription “TripAdvisor.” All letters were lowercase, although, in other contexts, the platform name was written with a capital “A” in the middle of the word.

2020 – today

Tripadvisor Logo 2020-present

2020 has been a year of change. In late January, New York-based branding studio Mother Design designed a new logo for the travel service, retaining the iconic Ollie owl. The authors have improved the geometry of the picture so that it looks equally good at any scale. They took the path of simplification, removing the middle circles from the eyes and making both pupils black.

As a result, the bird looks more correct. It now reflects Tripadvisor’s status as a premier travel industry ambassador and underlines its style. The redesigned branding retains the mascot’s essence, although the round eyes don’t look like binoculars at all. The caption to the right has also changed: Tripadvisor starts with a capital T. The typeface is custom-designed by Colophon Foundry.

Tripadvisor: Interesting Facts

Tripadvisor, launched in 2000, has grown from a simple review site to one of the largest travel platforms globally. It has changed how people plan and book their travels by offering user reviews and booking options for hotels, flights, and activities.

  1. User Reviews: Tripadvisor uses reviews from travelers to provide insights into hotels, restaurants, and attractions, helping others make informed decisions.
  2. Beginnings: Stephen Kaufer and co-founders started Tripadvisor to collect travel reviews and link to professional articles. It quickly expanded to include user reviews, which drove its success.
  3. Independent Growth: Although acquired by Expedia in 2004, Tripadvisor became independent in 2011 after an initial public offering, continuing its expansion.
  4. Innovative Features: The platform introduced the Travelers’ Choice Awards and forums for travel advice. It suggests activities in the “Things to Do” section, enhancing travel planning.
  5. Global Platform: Tripadvisor lists millions of businesses worldwide and is available in multiple languages, catering to international travelers.
  6. Influence on Hospitality: Positive reviews on TripAdvisor can significantly impact hotels and restaurants, highlighting the platform’s influence on the industry.
  7. Direct Booking: In 2014, TripAdvisor added an instant booking feature, allowing hotel bookings directly on its site, a shift from its original referral model.
  8. Sustainable Travel: The GreenLeaders Program highlights eco-friendly accommodations, promoting environmental responsibility among travelers.
  9. Expansion Through Acquisitions: Tripadvisor has acquired companies like Viator and LaFourchette, expanding its booking services and content.
  10. Philanthropy: The Tripadvisor Foundation supports global communities, emphasizing the company’s commitment to giving back to travel destinations.

Tripadvisor has reshaped travel planning by providing a platform for sharing experiences and offering comprehensive booking options, playing a key role in the travel industry’s evolution.

Font and Colors

Tripadvisor Emblem

In 2020, the travel platform symbol comes with a simple monochrome design. An informational site no longer needs to attract attention with an unusual palette: after 20 years of using an owl with colorful pupils, it has become quite recognizable. Moreover, the minimalist look does not, in the least, spoil the overall impression of the emblem. On the contrary, now it looks harmoniously in different contexts, at the same time reflecting the historical past and the progressive future of the tourist portal.

The font used in the Tripadvisor logo has evolved significantly. With the 2020 redesign, the letters are bold and legible. This is a version of the Trip Sans custom typeface that Colophon Foundry has developed.

The same goes for the palette: it changed after the inscription. The old four-color emblem comes in two colors – black and light green (Trip Green), aside from the white background. Sometimes the classic combination of black and white is allowed without bright accents.

Tripadvisor color codes

Jungle GreenHex color:#00af87
RGB:0 175 135
CMYK:100 0 23 31
Pantone:PMS Bright Green C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C