Tropico Unveils New Logo and Brand Identity

Tropico Logo New

Tropico, a popular French fruit drink brand owned by The Coca-Cola Company, has introduced a new brand identity to attract a younger generation. Known for its vibrant colors and natural ingredients, Tropico aims to strengthen its presence in the juice drinks market and appeal to Gen Z consumers.

The new brand identity centers on the theme “Refreshingly Joyful,” highlighting Tropico’s energetic and optimistic character. The updated logo retains the brand’s playful spirit, with Coco, the Parrot, now depicted in a joyful, free-flight pose above the Tropico name. This simplified version of Coco adds a sense of movement and freedom, aligning with the brand’s lively nature.

Tropico Logo Evolution

The wordmark has been subtly updated with slight curves and dynamic elements, giving it a sense of energy and modernity. These changes ensure the logo stands out on packaging and digital platforms, making it easily recognizable.

Tropico’s color palette remains vibrant, featuring bright and lively hues that symbolize the brand’s fun and spontaneous character. These consistent colors help maintain a cohesive and recognizable image across all brand touchpoints.

Tropico Logo Old

The typography in the new brand identity is clean and modern, chosen to complement the logo’s dynamic elements. The fonts are easy to read and help convey the brand’s message clearly, ensuring visual appeal and accessibility.

A key feature of the new identity is bespoke illustrations highlighting Tropico’s products’ rich and fruity taste. These simple yet impactful illustrations capture the essence of the brand’s flavors and the joyful experience of drinking Tropico. They create an engaging packaging design with the modernized Coco, the Parrot.

The packaging has been redesigned to reflect the new brand identity. Over 20 SKUs of Tropico products feature the updated logo and illustrations, making the brand more striking on shelves. The design aims to make the experience of holding, opening, and sipping Tropico joyful.

Tropico Symbol

The brand messaging emphasizes being “Refreshingly Joyful.” Phrases like “avec de l’eau & des fruits” (with water and fruits) highlight the natural ingredients, while the slogan “Keep Life Juicy” adds a playful touch. This messaging is consistent across all platforms, ensuring a unified brand experience.

The Coca-Cola Company has well received the new Tropico brand identity. The redesigned packaging will start appearing on French shelves in Spring 2024. Tropico will leverage its new brand language as an official sponsor of the Paris Olympics 2024, providing a significant platform to showcase its refreshed identity.