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The Truist logo depicts a safe path to financial well-being for its clients. The emblem is filled with protection and support that the bank provides in the cooperation process due to its scale and amount of capital.

Truist: Brand overview

Founded: 2019
Founder: Truist Center
Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S.
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Truist is relatively new but has more than 270 years of combined experience between SunTrust and BB&T. It is based in Charlotte and has about 3,000 branches across the country, making it the sixth-largest bank in the US. Wealth management, lending, insurance, corporate banking, small business support, and retail trade are just a small part of the financial services that this holding provides.

Meaning and History

Truist Logo History

The agreement to merge SunTrust and BB&T was concluded in 2019, although its preparations were carried out a very long time ago. The companies closed the $28 billion deal with little to no price discussion. The combined bank’s assets amounted to $440 billion. The owners entrusted the choice of the name to the leading consulting firm Interbrand. The task of the specialists was to find an option that would suit both parties: a short and unique word that does not favor either SunTrust or BB&T.

A compromise solution was the name Truist. Although it evokes several associations with positive overtones, it is fictitious and does not mean anything. A careful observer will notice the connection with the words “truth” and “trust,” which was the ultimate goal of the Interbrand employees. Desperate to find the perfect combination of the SunTrust and BB&T names, the developers took a trusted term and added the letter “i” to it.

Social media users criticized the new name, but the company did not deviate from its intentions and finally approved it in December 2019. At that time, bank customers did not yet know what the logo would look like: it was introduced in January 2020 along with the website. Integration was planned to be completed by the end of 2021.

The Truist brand was gradually introduced into the surrounding space so that people could get used to it. So the logo began to appear on SunTrust and BB&T affiliates, on digital platforms, in advertisements, and on signs at SunTrust Park. Like the name of the financial institution, it was invented by Interbrand specialists. They paired a minimalist “TRUIST” lettering with a square featuring two 90-degree rotated ‘T’s. Reaction to the symbol has been mixed. Someone liked it, claiming that the pattern looked like a belt buckle or an electrical circuit.

Font and Colors

Truist Emblem

The bank’s bold branding pays homage to the heritage of BB&T and SunTrust. The new-look is very symbolic, despite its apparent simplicity. The two mirrored “Ts” within a square frame represent the merger of two giants in the financial sector. The fact that the letters are the same size speaks to the importance and equality of the two combined companies. At the same time, the square reflects security and trust, and its rounded corners hint at accessibility. The monogram, in turn, is a reference to the Touch + technology and represents an individual approach to each client.

The word “TRUIST” is to the left of the square emblem. Interbrand’s designers created a custom sans-serif typeface for it, entrusting the bulk of the work to a master typographer. Wide letter-spacing symbolizes the openness and honesty of the bank its willingness to cooperate. The curve at the bottom of the “R” creates the illusion of moving forward towards new achievements. All letters are capital, bold and non-contrasting. They do not have unnecessary details that may prevent the logo from displaying adequately on a mobile device or when greatly reduced.

Truist Symbol

The choice of color was decisive in the merger of the two banks. The specialists took a rich blue tint from the SunTrust identity and combined it with the burgundy BB&T. They got a dark purple-purple tone, the so-called Truist Purple.

Truist color codes

Russian Violet Hex color: #2d1a47
RGB: 45 26 71
CMYK: 36 63 0 72
Pantone: PMS 2695 C