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Truth Social: Brand overview

Founded:October 20, 2021
Founder:Donald Trump
United States
In October 2021, Truth Social was born out of the joint efforts of former US President Donald Trump and Trump Media & Technology Group. After being removed from Twitter, Trump spearheaded the creation of this social media platform, which is very similar in design and functionality to Twitter, causing it to be often referred to as a “Twitter lookalike.”

Plans were announced to bring Truth Social to the stock market through a merger with Digital World Acquisition Corp, but this endeavor has faced some hiccups and delays. In February 2022, the platform was introduced to the public in the form of an iOS app, but it was released on a limited scale. An Android version of the app was to be released later that year.

However, the platform’s journey has not been smooth. Technical glitches, long registration queues, accusations of not adhering to the proclaimed principles of “freedom of speech” – all these have been noted in its short history. By mid-2022, the number of active users was around 2 million, in stark contrast to Twitter’s huge base of 237 million users. Moreover, a notable amount of activity on Truth Social appears to come from automated bots and questionable accounts.

Meaning and History

Truth Social Logo History

2021 – 2022

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Truth Social Logo

Truth Social color codes

Neon BlueHex color:#5548ee
RGB:85 72 238
CMYK:64 70 0 7
Pantone:PMS 2736 C
Medium AquamarineHex color:#2bd0b3
RGB:43 208 179
CMYK:79 0 14 18
Pantone:PMS Bright Green C