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The Tubi logo is light and modern, like a scrolling text on a screen. The emblem is an image of transformation, a constant process of change, where new and popular shows and movies take the place of previous ones.

Tubi: Brand overview

In April 2014, Tubi emerged from San Francisco, California, as the brainchild of founders Thomas Ahn Hicks and Farhad Massoudi. This pioneering ad-supported video-on-demand (AVOD) platform broke new ground by offering users free access to a curated collection of TV shows and movies financed entirely through advertising. This innovative approach positioned Tubi as an early leader in the AVOD sector, challenging traditional content consumption models.

Rapidly expanding its digital footprint, Tubi grew its content library to boast over 12,000 titles, making its way onto popular streaming devices such as Roku and Chromecast and broadening its content to include news and sports. By 2019, the platform’s appeal was undeniable, with more than 20 million monthly active users engaging with over 165 million hours of content across Tubi’s applications and website.

The year 2020 marked a significant milestone in Tubi’s history when Fox Corporation acquired the service for upwards of $440 million, integrating it into its portfolio of digital assets alongside Crown Media channels and Credible. This acquisition fueled Tubi’s growth, doubling its monthly user base to 40 million by late 2022 and setting the stage for ambitious expansions into international markets such as Mexico, Australia, and India.

Today, Tubi offers an expansive catalog of more than 50,000 movies and television shows, available for free streaming, supported by ads, and requires no membership fees. Its trailblazing model has since been emulated by competitors like PlutoTV, The Roku Channel, and Freevee, contributing to the expansion of the digital streaming landscape by introducing “cost-free” viewing options to audiences worldwide.

Meaning and History

Tubi Logo History

The emblem of startup Farhad Massoudi changes depending on the growth of the audience and the site’s revenue. The sign is formed based on easy memorability and corresponds to the domain. Users recognize the page thanks to the four letters, audibly reminiscent of the well-known phrase. In rebranding, the entourage, font, and size of letters change, not the meaning.

What is Tubi?

An American free service for watching digital TV shows and movies online. They have been owned by Fox Corporation since 2020. It earns money through advertising. The service’s audience is 74 million viewers per month, and the number of users is constantly growing.

2014 – 2017

TubiTV Logo 2014

The first emblem of the service consists of a black square, symbolizing a monitor screen. The figure reminds of movie and show icons on the main screen of the platform. The square, due to the equality of its sides, is considered a harmonious construction and symbolizes:

  • Equal rights of Tubi users,
  • Diversity of varied content capable of satisfying users with different interests.

The cube is a mystery—a box containing interesting movies and shows.

Inside the square on the logo, the service’s name and the addition of TV are placed. The white and orange colors of the letters help distinguish the brand and the theme of the platform.

The name resembles the sound of the phrase “to be.” The choice indicates contemporary content, live broadcasts of many shows, and hints at “to be continued,” the continuation of favorite programs and series tomorrow.

2017 – today

Tubi Logo

In 2017, the company attracted 20 million in investments, allowing it to expand the range of licensed content. The involvement of investors led to a change in the brand’s identity.

The black inscription of flexible letters, seemingly rushing forward, represented the theme of development, moving into the future. The service constantly replenishes its media library with new releases and shows, and the number of users is growing geometrically.

Removing the black background freed the emblem from gloom and added more air and freedom. Just as the financial infusions “untied” the owners’ hands to improve the quality of services.

The change underscored the site’s primary mission – to provide people with free access to quality content, which on other services was previously locked and only available through a paid subscription.

The decoding of “TV” is no longer used, as the name of the service has become well-known.

Font and Colors

Tubi Emblem

Black is one of the leading colors in the media theme. It is associated with the black font of titles and descriptions and the black screen at the beginning and end of movies and shows. This shade is unobtrusive and not distracting. It is neutral in terms of preferences. It shows that the site merely provides access, and viewers choose the programs according to their own tastes.

The font of the logo resembles Black Crow Medium. The letters of the inscription seem to flow into each other like a pliable substance. This choice speaks to the personalization of the viewing program. The founders developed a special content personalization mechanism based on machine learning and complemented it with the TubiChannels service. Therefore, finding shows that you like has become very easy.

Tubi Symbol

The line forming the letters also hints at the possibility of watching live broadcasts in real time.