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Tumblr Logo

Tumblr Logo
Tumblr Logo PNG

Tumblr is a social networking platform for hosting personal microblogs. The project was funded in February 2007 by entrepreneur and developer David Karp. Since 2019, the site has been owned by Automattic. The main office is located in the city of New York (USA).

Meaning and History

Tumblr Logo History
Evolution of the Tumblr Logo

The original sign of the social network appeared immediately in the year of its opening – in 2007. It consisted of two elements – graphic (flower) and text (title). In this form (except color), the logo existed until mid-2013, when Yahoo acquired the microblogging platform, and it left the logo unchanged.

The edits were so minor that they were perceived not as a redesign, but as an adjustment. The new owner entrusted the redesign of the logo to a group of his designers. They made very interesting changes because when you look at the word, it seems as if it is the same, and if you look at each letter separately, the changes are noticeable.

So, the symbols have become wider, so the name takes up more space on the logo. The most dramatic transformation happened with “u” – the left serif was removed from it. Also, she, along with the “m,” received streamlined and smooth curves. As a result, the logo acquired an attractive design. Over the years of its existence, there have been four changes to the logo.

2007 – 2010

Tumblr Logo 2007

Tumblr Logo 2007-2010

The debut version contained a flower and ten petals and an inscription consisting of the social network name. It was blue at first, but then it was made gray, originally combining light with dark. The gradient transition is uneven: “t” is more white, “r,” on the contrary, is ashy. This technique creates the impression of the close presence of sunlight – as if the rays are passing through a window and unevenly illuminating the word “Tumblr.” By the way, it is written in lowercase letters and has a large dot at the end.

2010 – 2013

Tumblr Logo 2010-2013

The feeling of the play of shadows and the sun remained on the name, but it acquired a light muted tone, as if it had become pastel and not so bright. No other changes followed.

2013 – 2018

Tumblr Logo 2013-2018

In 2013, the blogging web environment was bought by Yahoo !, which decided not to change the logo radically. The main reason: he has already become familiar and habitually associated with this social network; therefore, changes could lead to a sharp churn of users.

The developers changed the logo’s color, making it blue, and added a couple of branded icons. They represent a resource on the Internet, advertising, and digital media in a modern format. It was the initial “t,” played with dark blue and white: dark on light (2015-2016) and light on dark (2016-2018). In the first case, the letter has shadows that give it a 3D effect.

2018 – present

Tumblr Logo 2018-present

In the modern version, the serifs “b” and “l” are aligned, and the “r” has the upper right portion clipped. The dot at the end of the word disappeared, and the word itself became black. Icons were redesigned: they were adapted for iOS and Android systems. All of them contain a single letter “t”: the first is dark on a light background, the second is light on a square with smoothed corners, and the third is light in a circle.

Font and Color of the Emblem

Tumblr Emblem

There was originally a ten-petalled flower next to Tumblr. It is borrowed from the Davidville project. But when the company was working on the design for v3, they decided to remove it to reduce the brand name. Now, the Tumblr logo only has an inscription that echoes the original version.

Tumblr Symbol

The text part of the logo is based on a very ancient typeface that appeared in 1860. It’s called Bookman Old Style and was created by Alexander Phemister for the Miller & Richard foundry. This variation is reminiscent of the Caslon typeface, differing from it with an even and regular structure. Emblem colors: white, blue, and gray.