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Tunis, Tunisia
Tunisair, the national airline of Tunisia, has its headquarters in Tunis. Established in 1948, the airline has been a mainstay of Tunisian aviation for decades.

With a network spanning over 30 destinations across Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and North America, Tunisair relies heavily on its primary hub, Tunis–Carthage International Airport. The fleet of around 25 aircraft comprises the Airbus A320 family jets, reflecting the airline’s commitment to modern, efficient service.

The Tunisian government owns Tunisair, and the airline employs roughly 3,500 staff members. Besides offering passenger transport, the airline’s services include cargo transport, charter flights, aerospace maintenance, and ground handling services.

Notably, the airline’s key routes encompass flights from Tunis and heading to several international destinations such as Paris, Istanbul, Rome, Brussels, and Montreal, in addition to various airports across the Maghreb region.

As a member of the Arab Air Carriers Organization, Tunisair also maintains codeshare partnerships with other airlines, further extending its reach. Despite previously operating long-haul jets, including the Airbus A310 and A330, the airline has had to downsize its fleet in response to increasing financial challenges.

Efforts have been made to privatize Tunisair and restructure its operations to modernize its offerings and restore profitability. However, numerous obstacles remain, including regional instability, fierce competition, an aging fleet, and substantial debt.

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