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The desire to serve and benefit can be seen in the visual sign. The Tupperware logo demonstrates the reliability, durability, and ease of use of the packaging that the company manufactures. Every homemaker will need such help in the kitchen.

Tupperware: Brand overview

Founder:Earl Tupper
Leominster, Massachusetts, U.S.
Tupperware is an American brand specializing in the sale of cooking products. Earl Tupperware founded it in 1942. The company’s main specialization is the preparation of food storage containers made of glass and plastic. The brand is owned by Tupperware Brands Corporation, an international direct seller of food products.

Meaning and History

Tupperware Logo History

For more than 70 years of the brand’s existence, its logo, in all interpretations, was created using a monochrome color palette. Only black was used, giving preference to brevity without adding unnecessary elements to the image. The history of brand development in corporate identity can be divided into two stages – versions of the logo in the 20th century and the current version.

What is Tupperware?

First and foremost, it is a company with a presence in more than 100 countries worldwide. One of the first major companies in the American market abandoned sales through retail chains, giving preference to direct sales. The number of employees worldwide exceeds 13 thousand people, 900 of whom work directly in the United States. The headquarters is located in Orlando, Florida.

1946 – 1951

Tupperware Logo 1946

The first variant of the logo was introduced in 1946 and contained only the name of the brand, made in black handwritten letters on a white background. The lettering on the logo was done in a non-standard style. The basis for the characters was a bold font without serifs. Of the letters, the author paid special attention to the “T” and “W.” Even though all the letters in the name were capitalized, it is the “T” that looks somewhat enlarged. At the same time, the horizontal line is considerably enlarged in both directions. The “W” appears as if it were not a stand-alone symbol but rather composed of two “V’s” superimposed on top of each other.

1951 – 1958

Tupperware Logo 1951

The next variation of the logo is almost completely identical to the original variant as far as the style of spelling of the name is concerned. However, in addition to the main inscription, the author also added the organization’s slogan, which was indicated under the main inscription: “An airtight case for freshness.” The slogan used uppercase letters written in a classic sans serif font. Additionally, the ® copyright mark was added to the logo, indicating trademark registration.

1958 – 1974

Tupperware Logo 1958

The 1958 redesign returned the company logo to the original version, with a few exceptions. All lines and contours in the symbols were retained, but the author tried to make them brighter and bolder so that the image would convey a sense of power and confidence to customers. All additional elements have been removed. This is not only about the ® sign but also the slogan.

1974 – 2007

Tupperware Logo 1974

Significant changes were made to the previous version in 1974. That’s when Tupperware had an outlined logo. The outlines in the letters were not solid. The author used white outlines with rounded lines and smooth shapes. When studying the logo, the black outlines and white fill created a labyrinthine feeling. This version lasted more than 30 years and was not replaced until the beginning of the 21st century. Also, the ® sign returned, confirming the company’s copyright to use this logo.

2007 – today

Tupperware Logo

The last current version of the Tupperware logo was introduced in 2007. Interestingly, two-color palettes are current. The brand name can be displayed in black or pink (the shade is fuchsia). In both variants, the name is depicted on a white background. Sometimes an emblem is added to the left of it. It can also be pink or black, depending on the case. It is an abstract image containing lines that come out of the center. There are circles on each line. Thus, visually, the emblem resembles a dandelion. On first reading, the logo should evoke a sense of strength and confidence. The trademark registration mark was retained on the logo.

Font and Colors

Tupperware Emblem

The font of the current Tupperware brand logo is as close as possible to Europa Grotesk SH. The characters in the name are in bold sans serif font. Classic for the company font and balanced lettering allows the brand to be recognizable far beyond the U.S.

Tupperware Symbol

The color palette used was typically black on a white background. However, a variant of the logo, which has been in use since 2007, can also be presented in pink.

Tupperware color codes

Magenta DyeHex color:#d10c84
RGB:209 12 132
CMYK:0 94 37 18
Pantone:PMS 219 C
Eerie BlackHex color:#25201c
RGB:37 32 28
CMYK:0 14 24 85
Pantone:PMS Neutral Black C