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The Tutanota logo shows the company’s desire to develop and confidently move into the future, despite the obstacles that lie in waiting at the corners. It also reflects the long way of encrypting information because the mail service provides maximum privacy for users and their letters.

Tutanota: Brand overview

Founder:Tutao GmbH
The Tutanota mail service automatically encrypts all incoming messages. It combats mass online surveillance by the government and large corporations by helping users maintain their privacy in the online space. It is, in fact, a safe alternative to Facebook and Google that violates people’s right to privacy and personal confidentiality.

Meaning and History

Tutanota Logo History

Tutanota protects user data with end-to-end encryption. The programmers who developed the email platform value privacy very much. They came at it in different ways: some of them cooperated with human rights activists and saw the consequences of online surveillance; some of them fight for freedom of speech and for the right to express their opinion without fear of being punished; others were impressed by Edward Snowden’s story that every step we take in the digital world does not go unnoticed.

The creators of Tutanota decided to make the right to privacy public so that it would not be the prerogative of only rich people. That is why their postal service not only encrypts incoming messages but also does it so that it cannot even read them itself. In addition, it integrates a protected address book; that is, no one but the user has access to the list of addressees.

What is Tutanota?

Tutanota is one of the few secure email services that keep all emails encrypted. It was created in 2011 when Tutao GmbH was founded. Its team of fourteen developers is based in Germany.

Tutanota Symbol

The name of the service is a neologism formed from two bases: “tuta” and “nota.” The first part means “safe” in Latin, and the second part means “note” or “note.” The combination of the two words can be interpreted as a “secure message,” which is exactly what Tutanota does. Because of its encryption system and total security, the German email service has been blocked in Russia and Egypt.

The private webmail provider appeared in 2011. Since then, it has used a recognizable logo depicting a road or, in another version, a winding river. It is formed by a negative white space inside a red and maroon gradient square. The designers positioned it at the bottom to stretch upward toward the imaginary horizon. The line gradually narrows and disappears just above the middle of the square. This shape hints at its infinity.

On the right side of the icon is the black inscription “Tutanota.” The authors of the word mark made the first “T” capitalized, and all the other letters were left lowercase. In doing so, they visually divided the word into two Latin bases: “tuta” and “nota.” They used a similar sans serif font, but the first part consists of thin glyphs, and the second part consists of bolder glyphs.

Font and Colors

Tutanota Emblem

The Tutanota badge with the image of the road symbolizes perspective, freedom, and open, unlimited possibilities. The white stripe on three sides is enclosed in a square, indicating security and safety. The quadrangle represents a barrier for those who want to get access to users’ data.

The Tutanota logo has a complex typographic system because it has two versions of the same font. The first four letters consist of thin strokes. Their typeface is generally similar to Impallari Type’s Libre Franklin Thin, except that the “a” has the bottom of the vertical line slightly curved upward. The second half of the name is bolder, which is the only thing that makes it different from the first half.

The inscription is traditionally black and on a white background. But for the sake of colorfulness, it is complemented by an emblem with a maroon-red gradient, which is darkened at the bottom. The empty space inside the object is used as negative space, forming an abstract road.

Tutanota color codes

Fire BricHex color:#b4151f
RGB:180 21 31
CMYK:0 88 83 29
Pantone:PMS 485 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C